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Place - New York, NY. With Squarespace's innovative tools, customers can easily create, manage and publish exceptional websites. Quarespace Career. Square Space enables billions of viewers - from individual and locally based artist to business owners creating the world's most famous companies - to tell their story and build an effective, classy and easy-to-manage webbase. Squarespace's staff of more than 800 employees is based in New York City City and has office in Dublin and Portland.

Natalie is VP of Products and manages the company by advancing strategic and operational direction.

The primary objective of her squarespace group is to help companies that use Squarespace achieve growth and success. Mr. Charlton heads the engineering teams behind Squarespace's own web sites, such as the award-winning Squarespace.com. Both he and his staff work in close collaboration with design professionals to provide the best possible customer experiences when discovering and testing the products. Squarespace offers office space in New York City, Portland, Oregon and Dublin, Ireland - all prosperous cities.

Square Space is at the interface of cultural and innovative aspects within each town. Staff can leave the building from the inner cities of one of the agencies and be immersed in cultural life - there is no campus. Staff can relax and relax with a personal meet in the West Village, a cup of tea in one of Portland's many amazing caf├ęs or a trip through Trinity Dublin School.

Squarespace has fully equipped galleys on each of the three levels with all sorts of treats for staff to savour. However, lunches are the radiant moments of the business - the teams are enjoying a warm, tasty and free luncheon every day. Staff can eat in the light-flooded cafe, on the roof or at the bars - and to satisfy their thirst, staff can drink ice cream from the barrel.

The Squarespace team is encouraged to be involved both inside and outside the company. Take a look at this manual - with Squarespace staff - about how to build a unique identity and how to get a sideline job this year. Square Space provides its clients with round-the-clock support through the use of online chats, e-mail and helpdesks. In addition, it runs weekly online seminars and one-on-one client training sessions from all locations.

Our Squarespace staff connects you to the user and gives you the instructions you need to get the most out of the Squarespace experience.

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