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Important design elements of a square landing page that can be converted. Use of cover sheets - Square Help Front covers present information on a separate, fat-printed page. Covers are ideal for: The Cover Pages act a little different than the others of Squarespace. Every cover page contains a predefined lay-out and a set of editors to add images, text, button, form, audio, cards, videos, and more. Front covers do not use block art, and style items such as button art and text remain in a rigid format.

In this way, your wrapper remains attractive and quick to react. Front covers are available in every website and commerce schedule. When you are currently in the cover page schedule, your page remains open as long as payroll is open. It is no longer possible to revert to the independent cover sheetilling schedule after changing to a complete website.

When you use the cover sheet-only map, your home page differs from the menus shown in these instructions. Include a cover page on your website to provide a strong launch or emphasize something unique on a unique page. Front pages are designed independent of the website design. Begin with any Squarespace style sheet, adding a cover page, then choose the best fit for your brand.

You can use the Style Panels in your cover page menu to customise the theme. If you want to insert more than one cover page, do the same. To create and personalize the remainder of your page, please complete the following steps: On the Start menu, click Pages, click the + symbol, and then choose Cover Sheet.

You can find more help under Add pages to your browsing experience. Choose a layouts. Design the page. In order to make the cover page the first page seen by your site's users, make it your homepage. Hint: To delete the cover page from the navigational menu, move it to the Not Links section of the Pages pane.

It is useful if you want your visitor to see it only once before they enter your site, or if you use it as a stand-alone landing page.

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