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Quadratic layouts

Layout & Regions - Area Developers Page layouts defines the HTML wrap for your website.... everything from to .

Basically, a lay-out is a data set (typically called site.region). It is used as the primary plate (like index.php in Wordpress). An example of a plain site map format is given (site.region): "{quarespace.page-classes}" "{Quadratraum.page-id}" "mainNav " "header" "/" "mainNav" "navigation" "canvas" "page" "main" "main" "main" "contenu principal" "sidebarBlocks" "sidebarBlocks" "Sidebar Content" "footer" "footer-blocks" "12" "Footer Content" Beispiel-Layoutdefinition in template.conf 2: : "default" "layout" "nom" "default" :  "defaillance" "region de site"... "regions".

Whilst individual layouts are the standard and work fine for most websites, some more sophisticated websites may need different ways of looking at them - so you can activate several layouts in a Squarespace style sheet. If the homepage has a different lay-out than the subpages, consider this. Suppose the homepage is full width and the subpages have a side bar.... so the head ers and footers are the same, but the center contents area is different.

Start by creating the common layouts: Then, construct the two different areas for the center contents area: Configure the several layouts in your templates config files (template.conf): .... "layouts" "default" "name" : "Sidebar", "regions" "header", "sidebar", "footer" }, "homepage" "name" : "Full Width", "regions" "header", "full-width", "footer" }, .....

You can specify layouts per page (via page settings in the UI ), but you can make things simpler for the end users by specifying standard layouts for certain page styles. You have three possibilities to define standard layouts: Standard page-wide layouts - the layouts named "default" in templates.conf is the standard location-wide layouts.

Standard collection-specific layouts - You can specify a standard layouts for each kind of collection in the collector configName. conf using the layouts variables. Standard folder-specific layouts - You can use the layouts tag to specify a standard layouts for pages/collections within a directory in the directory config files. It is also possible to define the standard homepage outline.

Allows you to specify a page size when you create a page. Standard layouts of the homepage have priority over all other standard layouts.

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