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Where' s the Squarespace Live Chat? Live Chat will appear next to the Open a ticket icon on the Contacts page of the Help page: Live chat is available from Monday to Friday from 3 a.m. to 8 p.m.

EST. When you don't see the Live Chat key at these hours, the reason may be that when the sound level is high and the waiting period is longer than expected, the Live Chat key may not be displayed.

You can also read the Squarespace Service Contacts section for more information on how to get in touch with Squarespace. Have you checked the spamming file in your incoming message to make sure the response doesn't end up there? Square Space responds to all emails within the daily, so it is always better to review the spamming file or ensure that the customercare@squarespace.com message is in your "whitelist" or mailing lists of "trusted" emails so that emails that come from that location are not filtered.

Squarespace Live Chat | LiveChat - Squarespace Inclusion

Square space is a website building tool. Begin with a pattern and customise it with a simple text edit. You can then simply enter your product (unlimited quantity) and begin to sell it. With Squarespace you can pay with all popular payment methods such as PayPal, ApplePay or debit card. One page shows the whole cash register procedure, so there is little opportunity for individuals to give up their trolleys.

And even if they do, the system sends them an e-mail with a rebate to persuade a prospective client to buy. When you add LiveChat to your store, you can help your website users whenever they need it. Helps them in live mode, take them to the cash register and make more deals!

Just copy and copy the LiveChat key and insert it into your Big Cartel screen - that's enough to attach LiveChat to your website. After all, the use of Squarespace is all about small things. That' s why when we developed our chat tools, we made sure that you could adapt them to your needs.

Basically, all website users are potential sellers. After installation, LiveChat makes it simple for you to interact with your customers, establish better relations and do more business. LiveChat brings tonnes of client information - the pre-chat poll gathers contacts, chat logs give meaningful insight into the sale, and the post-chat poll can be used to get back to you.

LiveChat allows you to provide real-time help that increases revenue and improves your customers' experience. Get started now with LiveChat with Squarespace!

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