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My site live? - Square help The Squarespace pages are live by standard, i.e. they can be seen by the visitor. If you launch a free evaluation version, users must type a capcha before displaying contents, but all websites are open unless you take extra action to keep your website privately.

The Squarespace does not use a last "Publish" key to put your website on-line.

Describes where and how your website can be viewed by your site users and how you can keep it privately until you're done setting it up. Whilst a test page is live from a technical point of view, it is not immediately available to everyone. Throughout your 14-day evaluation, your users will see the Squarespace trials page below, where they can click on Visitor Acces and type in a capcha to visit your site 24x7.

This CAPTCHA-gateway disappears after the upgrade to a chargeable one. For more information, see Accessing and Releasing a Test Page. Because test pages are hiding from searching machines, they are usually not found unless you split a straight URL or associate it with a third-party site that they already know.

As standard, the upgrade to a chargeable subscription will remove the CAPTCHAateway and create a live site that can be explored by users and browsers. Users can visit the website by accessing any associated domains. You can, however, take action to make contents on a pay website privately available, usually by generating a site-wide passcode.

For more information, see Upgrade to Chargeable Use. In order to resell items or provide additional support via Squarespace, you need to affiliate a payments provider. Adding a product to your website without joining a pay provider will cause traffic trying to log out to see a sign saying "Checkout is closed". "As soon as you link a payer, this ad disappears and the customer can finish the order transaction.

For more information, see Understanding Squarespace Commerce. Changes are made to contents blocks, such as footer lines. Hint: When you preview a style sheet, changes to its contents become public on your own pages. For more information, see Changing Sheets. To keep your website privately until you're willing to show it to the rest of the community, use one of the following ways.

Once your website has been referenced by web sites before you were willing to go live, you can often use the Google Query Console to delete this information. The Squarespace cannot help with this trial. This step allows you to fade out a page in front of your results if your website has not yet been ranked by your website's spideries.

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