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Live Squarespace Support

If you need live chat software to integrate with Squarespace, click here. Top-of-the-line customer service software for Live Chat & Help Desk. A live support chat for your Squarespace website. Embed it into your Squarespace website. Please send us a support ticket if you don't see the answer to your question or need help troubleshooting.

Quickly installing Messenger on a Squarespace website.

Quickly installing your messaging software on a Squarespace website. Next, run your free evaluation version. This is how your free test version works: You will receive a 14-day free evaluation version for each of our products and can launch your evaluation version at any point. First copy the JavaScript from here. Once you have entered the correct key, your messaging will now appear on all pages of your Squarespace page, so you can talk to your website users (people not registered in your app).

Please note: You cannot use the Messenger on your check-out page because Squarespace does not support it.

Squarespace Live Chat

The Squarespace website is created using the latest HTML, JavaScript and JavaScript technologies. The Squarespace Website builder also allows you to incorporate live chats with available website building tooling. In order to continue with the live squarespace integrations live chats, please obey the directions in our guidelines. It is recommended that you use our float button code, which can be added at a permanent location in your web browsing area.

You can now select the most appropriate picture for your Click-to-Chat key. This can be done on the Account Settings / Images page. You can also post your own live chats picture there. When you want to add extra tags to your control panel on the Order Confirmation page, you can use our Passing Information Code, which can be used for this as well.

Encourage your clients to provide feed-back using the Post Chats Survey, which is fully customisable and appears after leaving the chatscreen. Use the pro-active instant message invitations to support your clients.

Please note: The E-Commerce Dashboard and People CRM are currently not available on Squarespace.

Please note: The E-Commerce-Dashboard and People CRM are currently not available on Squarespace. Next, log in to your Squarespaceccount. Store your preferences on Squarespace. Squarespace? What is Squarespace? The Squarespace is a high-performance and attractive website builders for the design and publication of web sites. Squarespace's do-it-yourself tool allows everyone to begin creating their own website.

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