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Register with Squarespace - Squarespace Help From Squarespace.com you can login to Squarespace using the e-mail addresses and passwords associated with your area. When you have several Squarespace websites, you will find out how to login to the right one. And if you have forgotten your e-mail adress or your passwort, click Recover your balance below the login box. You can find more help under Restoring your e-mail or reset your Squarespace pass.

That will take you to a login page that looks like this: Type the e-mail that you used to register with your site and your passphrase, and then click Login. Tip: If you used Google+ to set up your Google ID, click Sign up with Google. Now if you only have one page, you are signed in.

Verify your Urtl in the address line to verify that you are signed in to the right website. When the website is not accurate, verify the e-mail addresses you used to register. So if you may have set up another user with a different e-mail adress, try signing in again with your alternative e-mail adress.

When you have more than one website linked to your sign-in page, you will see your sign-in dashboard after you enter your e-mail adress and your passwort. You can see a miniature photo, the page header, and the associated domain (s) for each website associated with your site ID. In order to change between the locations, go to the start menu, browse down and click on your profiled photo or your intial.

When Esc Key Login is activated, you can click Esc while you visit any page of your website to open the login page. If you don't sign out of your site automatically, you'll remain signed in every times your web browsers download your site. It will save you a lot of valuable personal information by taking you directly to your bank without having to type in your login details.

When you are idle, you remain locked in for up to 90 consecutive day unless you switch browser or empty your browser memory that locks you out auto-.

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