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Send an e-mail marketing campain - Square help As soon as you've finished your design, it's your turn to e-mail your campaigns to your subscription team. E-mail campaigns are currently in early access. In order to ship a promotion, make sure you have the following: - Create a campaign: Check your e-mail address. When you use a customized e-mail (recommended), check the domains. Read our best practice and avoid spamming prevention advice.

Provide your website with a company name. Then click on your design and then on e-mail in the upper right hand corner. Click on the e-mail you want to use. You can also include a reference and thumbnail text to encourage your subscription members to open your campaigns. Link the campaigns to one or more mailinglists to select to whom they will be sent. Link a senders' profiles to select the e-mail and name displayed in the From your campaign-area.

Insert a correct mailing adress in the bottom line. When this is your first promotion, the standard information displayed is the Business Information Settings of your website, or you can enter an additional information by hand. And if you're not sure which to use, please check out our tipps and tricks. Here is how some of this information can be displayed in the e-mail campaigns that your Subscribers receive:

In order to submit a test of your campaigns to your own e-mail account, click Submit Test. If you want to use more than one recipient, hyphenate the e-mail accounts with a comma. Check the trial in your inbox. To make sure they open properly, click all left clicks, as well as the button clicks. Check the entire text for typographical errors and formulations.

Make sure the pictures look good. Make sure that the Logout button is displayed. Upload your ad to a computer and smart phone to see what it looks like on different types of equipment. In order to submit your campaigns, click on Submit to mailing lists. When you see a message that your promotion is being reviewed, we will take an additional security measure to help secure your affiliate area.

Happy birthday, you have started your own marketing year! As your email marketing efforts become available worldwide, go to your email marketing dashboard to see how many email marketing efforts you have had, open it and click a hyperlink inside it. Or click Submit to see more detail and see the results against previous promotions.

For more information, see E-Mail Calendar Analysis Trackings.

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