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E-mail marketing tools for small businesses - Squarespace Distinguish yourself in every email account with Squarespace email campaigns. With our all-in-one solution, it's simple to standardise your trademark vote - from your homepage to your email. You don't have a Squarespace bankroll? Easily and quickly create e-mails by importing your website's contents, which saves valuable resources and avoids errors. Apply an imagery to attract your audience, create links to related information, or use a click control panel to control your clicking.

Check out different colour and stylistic mixes that match the contents of your e-mail.

Organise and reformat your assets with customisable drag-and-drop areas. Administer all your e-mail marketing in one centralised dashboard on each machine. Each layout is created using Squarespace's beautiful design, so your e-mails look great whether they're displayed on your phone or your desk. Improve your e-mail strategies with real-time one-stop campaigns and website analysis.

See which contents lead to more commitment and track key figures from shipping to sales. Gather e-mail from your website and provide your users with the information that matters most to them through our one-of-a-kind mailinglists. Conspicuously make your e-mail with a user-defined "From" box to make sure each mail matches the one it came from.

Squarespace has already validated your purchase of email addresses, so you can immediately begin to send email from your own address. Current Squarespace clients can use email campaigns for a restricted timeframe free of charge during an early referral cycle. Advertising marketing tool. Squarespace is the all-in-one solution for building a great website, from web sites and shops to marketing and analysis solutions.

You don't have a Squarespace bankroll? You already have aomain? Upload your domainname to Squarespace in a few simple moves.

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We are delighted to announce the introduction of Squarespace e-mail campaigns, the latest complement to our expanding range of marketing tool. With Squarespace's all-in-one solution, it's simpler than ever. Creating an e-mail marketing drive that reflects the look and feel of your website is easy: select from tens of customisable layout to say what you have to say, whether you're making an announcement, bringing a brand to market, or telling others what's new.

They can even fill it with legacy contents such as blogs or product with a single click, which saves valuable users valuable experience and avoids errors. With Squarespace's highly reactive design, your email looks great no matter what your devices display it on. With Squarespace email campaigns, you can expand as you go, giving you the opportunity to reach certain audiences with uniquely designed emailinglists.

Using real-time analyses, such as opening and click-throughs, you can quickly find out how your users react to your contents. In combination with Squarespace Analytics' rugged key figures for revenue and visitor numbers, you now have a complete overview of how your audiences interact with you and your brands. No matter whether you are advertising a purchase for your on-line shop, releasing your latest blogs or inviting others to join you, Squarespace email campaigns will help you get in touch with your audiences in an effective way.

Current Squarespace clients can use e-mail campaigns free of charge for a restricted amount of times during an early referral cycle. Clients will get an e-mail as soon as it is added to their accounts. Find out more about what Squarespace e-mail campaigns can do for you and your company.

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