Squarespace Membership Management

Membership administration of Squarespace

Include membership forms, event calendar, event registration, donation form and membership directory on your Squarespace website. Just add a plugin for the membership form to your Squarespace page in a few minutes. Use our search tools to easily manage members in Sentry's membership list.

Build a Squarespace member site today!

Generate free or chargeable schedules without limit and select which schedules allow member-only viewing of certain contents and pages. Invoice your members for a repeating, repeated or one-time membership subscription in any desired foreign exchange (via Stripe) with an option of a free test or registration fees. In order to avoid losing your sales, we will collect all unsuccessful member registrations or unsuccessful repetitive fees for youutomatically.

Each member who logs in can be approved visually before they can gain entry to contents or member pages. Integrate your Muut. com forums on any member page of your site so members can quickly get to and collaborate with each other. Gather all the information you want from your user during registration.

Members can process their emails, upgrade their cards, check their invoice histories, unsubscribe, and more. Select how many waiting days your new members have to allow to get to certain contents or member pages. Simply modify the design of your login/registration forms yourself. Your member log-in / registration can be embedded on any page, created as a popup or displayed by standard on all pages.

Exports your complete membership listing and then imports it into a third-party utility (such as ConvertKit) or displays it in Excel. See new logon trends across timeframes and complete schedules of activities for each member (including date and time). Both you and your members can browse your complete invoice histories and even retrieve PDF bills whenever you want.

Interrupt your site's contents and member pages after a certain amount of browsing or on a certain date (optional). You can update or lower your members' schedules at any point. Once members have registered and paid for their membership plan, their payments will be transferred to your banking accounts only 2 workdays later!

Your members can be added and invited to your site by hand so they don't have to register on your site. Select how much (if any) taxes should be levied on each membership scheme you set up. VAT is displayed as a document line in every invoicing document. Once your members have logged in or registered, you can submit them to any page URL you like.

We will guide you through the setup and Squarespace install process so that you never get bogged down or distracted.

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