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What is the only way to modify the mobile screen? At the bottom of the homepage I have a link for feeds, facesbook and a newsletters area. In my opinion it doesn't look too poor in the desktop/tablet mode (if you have proposals for improvements, please let me know), but in the mobile mode these three are piled on top of each other and extended in width.

That makes the size of the Facebook badge unusually large and doesn't look good. Is it only possible to change the mobile screen so that the RSS and facebook keys still appear next to each other on the mobile phone? I would be interested to know how they make the facingbook pad look right, so please publish an up-date.

It is not possible to modify or adapt single block on the mobile phone or in any other way that is built-in. User-defined encoding is required to modify the mobile screen or single block views. It is recommended that you have programming skills before trying to use user-defined encoding. Third parties' service or customized codes do not fall within the extent of the assistance we can provide.

It is possible to modify the layouts for the text/marking/image sets for the puzzle section category. When the picture block is placed next to the text, the picture is placed below the text when looked at in the phone. Our mobile styles' natures will lay blocs on top of each other from side to side.

I' m not sure that the response they gave you is exhaustive. If you wrap the text and put it in seperate pads, you might have more choices, like on the help page.

#1: Distance spacer

Square space is fucking horny (if you didn't know, I'm a big Square space fan) and it's especially horny because it virtually makes a whole mobile optimised page for you, so you don't really have to be worried about doing any of it. And the only drawback is that it doesn't offer you much mobile adaptability.

Since it does everything for you, it doesn't give you many possibilities to specifically customize the mobile website. Some of the editing you can do for the mobile site using the Style Editor is not very common. So I thought I'd be sharing with you my most common Hacks and Optimizations that I use to manipulate my mobile website on Squarespace.

Issue: Have you ever notice when you look at your mobile website and there is just so much room between the two? That could be because you used distance washers. Perhaps you have used a few piled up distance pieces or even only one distance piece. Looks great on the desk top, but when you look at it on your phone, it's just way too much room.

Instead, for each individual distance piece you use, use two distance pieces and place them next to each other (by pulling). If you place two distance pieces next to each other, Squarespace will pick up both distance pieces on the mobile site. So, with this gimmick, you can have a large place on your desktops screen and fully balance the place on the mobile screen.

When you use such a distance piece, the place is displayed on the screen and on the phone: When you use two distance pieces next to each other, the place on the phone is hidden entirely and displayed only on the desktop: Issue: You have an existing picture, wallpaper, or miniature that has been clipped in mobile viewing and does not show the most important part of the picture.

Or you have used index pages with wallpapers and text above them, in the mobile version the text is difficult to see because the wallpaper is placed directly below the text. You can use the focus point to determine the location where the pictures will be cropped on your phone! At the moment this is the picture of the flag for my homepage and I put a big text around the "center":

Click and dragging this point of emphasis to indicate which part of the picture you DO NOT want to cut, or which part of the picture will be focused during cropping. At the moment my center of gravity is in the upper center, so it will appear on the mobile phone like this:

It' displayed on the phone like this: With the focus you can adjust where the picture is cut on the phone! That is something that Squarespace doesutomatically. Sometimes I find that the way Squarespace adjusts the font for the mobile phone is perfectly ok, but sometimes the headlines are too big, too small, or they have dropped certain formats like character spaces, or the text is too big or too small.

Simply go to your Squarespace page, go to Design > Custom and insert this code: Using this key you can see very simply that you can customize the sizes of the bodies, i. e. i. e. hr1, hr2 and hr3 for mobile phones. Do not hesitate to try these different fashions, keep in mind that they are only displayed on your mobile phone!

Which are your favourite moves in the mobile Squarespace-Style? ETHEREAAL Squarespace Template is online!

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