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Will I be able to modify my website on a mobile phone? - Square help Login and administrate some aspect of your Squarespace page on your phone or your tray. Login and work from your mobile browser: You can also use our mobile applications to administer commerce orders, blog pages, gallery pages and analytics. Squarespace is not optimised for mobile browsers:

Squarespace pages are optimised for fast response designs so they look good in popular mobile web browse. Formally, we endorse the latest mobile releases of Chrome and Safari. For more information, please go to Responsible Theme and How is my website displayed on a mobile phone?

Deactivating mobile style - Square space help

The most Squarespace artwork has a one-of-a-kind mobile optimised look so your users can see and browse your website from any mobile phone. It is recommended to leave the mobile style activated, but if you don't want to use it, some presets have the ability to deactivate this function. It is recommended that you try the mobile style features included in your style before turning them off.

For information on how to view your website with mobile style turned on, see How to view my website on a mobile phone. Turning off mobile style displays your website on a mobile phone just like it does on a desk top. Rather than stack website contents in a stacked columns, blocs and other contents appear in the same layouts you see on a browser on your computer screen.

That means mobile users need to tweak and zoom to browse your site. When you deactivate mobile style, keep in mind that this can also have an impact on your overall mobile style. Google began in April 2015 to think about "mobile friendliness" when ranked websites when searching for mobile devices. The Squarespace pages only meet Google's needs if mobile style is activated.

You cannot deactivate Mobile Style in the following template. Likewise, you cannot deactivate the mobile cover page style. When you need to turn off your mobile style, we suggest you keep your site mobile by diligently organizing your page contents. Activate Deactivate Mobile Style. Deactivating the mobile style deactivates the mobile navigator and the page viewer.

Mobile website style and appealing website styling are different but related notions. The Mobile Style only affects mobile website browsing and the limitations on downloading background contents and other mobile device designs that can be cumbersome. Those items are turned off when you turn off mobile style to present a more desktop-like experience of your site.

Responsible Web Site Management relates to the capability of your Web site and its contents to resize to match the visitor's Web browsing area. The appealing look is retained for all Squarespace pages, even if the mobile style is inactive. That means that the entire website and the entire contents area will continue to be adapted for smaller equipment.

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