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Change of settlement schedule - Square help Anytime you want you can modify your Squarespace schedule. These guidelines cover how to update or downgrade your schedule and how to modify the frequency of invoicing for services. You can find tips on selecting a schedule under Selecting the right Squarespace schedule. These changes can only be made by site users and participants with settlement authorization.

For more information about privilege sets, see the explanation of privilege sets for squares. In order to modify your schedule and accounting periods, first modify your schedule, store your changes and then go back to your account to modify your accounting periods. It is not possible to modify your schedule and your payroll run at the same for both. When your site is overdue, you must refresh your online payment before you can modify your itinerary.

Please note: If you modify your accounting period, your accounting date will be changed. When you have a business or commerce plans and switch to the staff plans, your website's advanced functions are no longer available. Updating your schedule at any point will give you back your ability to do so.

Verify that you are displaying the website you want to modify before making any changes. It is important to take this action if you have several Squarespace websites (including tests) under one and the same user name. Although you can control more than one location from a single location, the map for each location is maintained independently. It opens a pop-up window with all Squarespace websites associated with your user profile, as well as running, test, and out-of-date websites.

Please note: To use another payment method to make a payment for an establishment, first insert the new payment method and then perform the following operations. On the Home menu, click Preferences, and then click Bill & Balance. Select Invoicing. Select Modify Schedule. Select a new schedule. You can find help under Selecting the Right Squarespace Invoicing Schedule.

Then click Validate schedule changes. How to go to annual or monthly billing: On the Home menu, click Preferences, and then click Account & Accounting. Choose Invoicing. Choose Modify Settlement Cycles. Choose Annual or Monthly from the Settlement Cycles option. Choose Modify Cycles. At any time you can update your cover page schedule to a full website.

You cannot revert to the stand-alone cover page schedule after you upgrade to a full website. Notice: The cover sheet schedule was cancelled in November 2016. You cannot lower a website or commerce schedule to a cover page schedule. On the Cover Sheet page pull-down list, click Preferences. Invoice & Account.

Alternate the template at any point. Choose a billing schedule. Help can be found under Selecting the Right Squarespace Map. Accept the changes to the products. Once you have changed from yearly to monthly payroll, you begin a new payroll cycle, and the bill is calculated using the monthly schedule costs deducted from the idle period costs on the yearly schedule.

If, however, you have less than one months remaining on a yearly period when you switch to monthly payroll, you will be billed less than $30, $20, or $10, according to the schedule. Please note: If you have a Squarespace registration, we strongly advise you to maintain an annually scheduled payment schedule to maintain an ongoing level of customer satisfaction.

Once you have changed from monthly to annually accounting, you begin a new accounting circle, and the bill is calculated using the costs of idle monthly periods deducted from the costs of the annually planned year. When you downgrade your schedule, you will receive back the pro rata amount of money between the two schedules calculated on the basis of the amount of free play in your payroll area.

There is no chargeback rate or extension date that changes. Once you have updated your schedule, you will be billed the pro rata amount of money between the two schedules on the basis of the amount of free space in your payroll area. There is no chargeback rate or extension date that changes. Your subscriptions are renewed periodically when you modify your schedule or accounting schedule.

Unless you want your renewal to take effect, deactivate automatic renewal each and every times you modify your schedule. When you have a free Squarespace domainname and you are moving from year to month, you have several options: In order to keep using your domainname when moving to a monthly schedule, select Update my domainname when your schedule changes.

As soon as you have renewed the domainname, it can no longer be made free of charge. When your domains are expiring, you will get an e-mail 30 workingdays before their expiration date. When you later fall back on an annuity schedule, you can re-activate your domains for free. Your domains stay free until their original expiry date, which you can view in the Domains section.

You can also outsource your domains to a third vendor and then link them to your Squarespace site. When you have bought a domainname through Squarespace and changed from yearly to monthly accounting, the domainname remains in its own yearly accounting circle.

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