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Manage multiple domains - Squarespace Help Can I use more than one domain? They can use multiple domains on one or more Squarespace pages to help prospective users find you. With all Squarespace blueprints, you can enroll as many domains as you need to extend your coverage. Provides hints and best practice for multiple domain management. Domain names are separated from websites.

When you consider your website as your home, your domains is the road map where you find them. Each house needs at least one home but you may have additional home locations that will be forwarded to your main one. For more information on how to manage multiple locations and park pages, see Multiple Location Management.

Can I use more than one domains? The use of more than one domainname is a great way to get your website up and running and offer your website users several ways to find you. Their other domains can detect frequent typos and prevent competing registrants from signing similar domains. If your top-level domain is " mysite.com ", for example, you may also want to sign up " my-site.com ", " mysite.net " or " mysitee.com ".

If you have several domains on one Squarespace site, your rankings in searching machines will not be affected. Avoid searching machines punishing you for duplicating your contents by diverting multiple domains to one prime dominion. For more information, please go to Multiple Domains and MEO. If you have associated multiple domains with the same Web site, note the following:

Every Squarespace Domains is invoiced separately for its own accounting year. Each Squarespace Domains is renewed each year and will be debited to the map that is stored for your website, even if the contacts are different for each of them. There is no difference between your subscription to domains and other websites. That means that if you terminate your website services, your domains will not be terminated by it.

It is recommended that you check your domains option before canceling the website services. There are three ways to customize a website domain: Use one or all three methods to create multiple domains. In case you already have a third-party domainname, we suggest to transfer it to the squarespace instead of including it. Tip: If you use the Google Query Console, you can check the words that people use to find your site, and then sign up domains using those word trending keywords.

In order to be able to register domains, but avoid them referring to a website, you can begin with a parked page. Your Squarespace site contains your Squarespaceomain until you are willing to provide a hyperlink to a Squarespace site. In case you already have a third-party site that you want to use Squarespace for your car parks, you can switch to a car parks page.

When your Web site uses multiple domains, but you no longer want all of them to point to your primary domains, you have some choices. Please note: If you are exiting Squarespace, check your domains option before canceling the website services.

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