Squarespace new Office

New office space

The new offices of Squarespace are very serious. Today, the spacious ramp at the back of the historical edifice has been converted into an entry for the Squarespace website construction site, whose new office spaces cover the upper three storeys. In March, Squarespace relocated to its recently renovated premises, thus strengthening its 322 staff in New York. Wherever once large machines, mill production and giant rolls of hard copy were standing, a slim and very serious looking office has been created.

"We felt very authentic that Squarespace was active in the publisher's market and helped companies and individual people post their identity online," says Brad Zizmor, founder of A+I, the New York architectural practice that remodelled the area. Established in 2004 by Anthony Casalena, Squarespace was launched around 2010 after collecting 38.5 million dollars in the A Serie.

The company has borrowed a combined $78 million and has more than 550 employees with office locations in New York, Dublin and Portland. Large scale promotions - such as Super Bowl advertisements and common Podcast commercials - contribute to Squarespace's appeal to the freelance, designer and new generations of employees who all have their own websites.

At Squarespace head office in New York, the business grew so rapidly that employees were scattered over six storeys in four blocks. According to Casalena, Squarespace is proud to be a collaboration workspace, so the distribution of its office space did not exactly reflect this ethical approach. "If you are on six levels and it is 15 min to get to a session, it changes who you speak to and how you speak to them," he says.

On an area of 100,000 m², the new office spaces combine all three levels, a rooftop terrace and a vestibule that also serves as an events room in the former ramp. On the upper floor, the finished flooring, including brushed cement flooring and blacked wood laths used for murals, reflects the company's corporate brand, and deep leathers and nut wood highlights give the office an adult New York feel.

In addition to a fresh and warm atmosphere and refinement not always found in well-equipped start bureaus (which often look like adults' playgrounds), the bureaus have an open courtyard and large stairwells that convey a feeling of openness and communion.

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