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Simple and up-to-date overview of new features and news from Squarespace. The Squarespace has a web design - now it comes for e-mails. This is the only place you need for new stuff like Squarespace announces!

This is the only place you need for new stuff like Squarespace announces! Jan 2018?Form & Button Conversion Analytics - see what's getting the most clicks! Nov 2017?New Analytics App for the cell phone - so much better than the old! Now you can buy vouchers through your Squarespace store.

2017 October 2017?Great News: Customers can now set up an account on your trading website! But Squarespace makes them so nice that I really like them now! Now you can copy and paste blogs, event entries and more. This means that you can now make your own blogs posting template! Juni 2017?Improved Analysis - these are great results!

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At the beginning of the year Seana contacted me to discuss my 3-day miracle services as a point of contact for her customers who did not need all the bell and whistle of a comprehensive brand-building outing. She is a real force to be reckoned with and very intelligent and strategically in how she conducts her businesses.

Co-founder and creative director of Brandhabit, a global studio for web identity creation, web design/development and strategic planning. For several years, Seana had and ran a highly acclaimed jewellery line before focusing on establishing a marketing agent to work with established names to grow and promote their business for impact and exposure at all tiers.

1 ) What is your career and how did you come to Squarespace Webdesign? I' ve always been a creator and had the good fortune to work in a wide range of sectors, from an event manager at the New York City Opera, property management, spa promotion, an auctions manager at one of the most prestigious South West auctions, to a highly acclaimed jewellery designer of my own, including domestic publishing, such as Nylon, New York Magazine, Marie Claire and Elle.

When I was a jewellery designer, my former career took me to where I am now. Before there was such a thing as online advertising, I didn't know anything about e-commerce or web designing and developing. A web site designing firm was commissioned to create the website, learning everything I could from web site designing to developing, building and maintaining the site.

Everything I could know about managing a product-based company, e-mail marketing campaign, case shows, PR, wholesaling, everything. My succes led me to start receiving enquiries from other freelance and aspiring design professionals asking me for advice on what to do when setting up a company - how to launch a label, how to organise and organise your store, how to draw in your clients, how to design your launch and more.

There, I have fallen in love within the framework of the creation of a trademark. Squarespace was first revealed to me in 2010, when I was looking for an intuitively designed website for a spa customer who wanted a minimum of maintenance on their website and easy operation when they wanted to make changes themselves.

Since then I have been enthusiastic about Squarespace and still recommending the site to those who want to have a less hassle free site while retaining the aesthetic and features required for their particular makes. Today, 14 years after leading a highly acclaimed jewellery company, I am doing what I enjoy as founder and creative director of Brandhabit, a creative studio.

I was lucky to have a large web of recommendations straight from the door and to be fully booked for 4 month within 3 hour of my store announcement. I suggest that if you set up your company without a recommended set of recommendations, you have at least 3 months' livelihood in the form of cost reductions and begin to lose the floor about your company.

3 ) How many web pages did you create in your first year and how did your customers find you? Wow, in the first year I think I made eight locations in conjunction with various brands, strategic market initiatives and smaller customer initiatives. I specialize in developing my own experience with brands. I look at the overall image from the first idea to the complete market developement and market strategies.

We provide a range of high quality corporate identity solutions, including strategic and directional brand-name solutions combined with product designs and developments. Besides my creativity I also have a backround in distribution and merchandising and more than 14 years of ecommerce, clothing, beauty, art and consultancy work. I have a one-of-a-kind mindset in that I can not only see a brand's visions in relation to how it should be designed, but I am also able to strategic positioning it in relation to its distribution and marketing-strategies.

Having worked in different and diverse industry sectors gives me an insight into what it will take to strengthen a franchise in the long run by adopting practice from other sectors that is not being used. It is not an advantage for Brandhabit if we just create a logotype. Providing our customers with all the resources necessary for legacy and legacy representation, as well as continuous strategic and directional assistance to create a winning franchise that creates long-term relations.

Remembering what it was like years ago, just getting started and trying to find out for myself, we now offer personal brand-name workshop for your own personalities. We' ve just unveiled our first ever Fire Building Workshop in Houston, Texas. We' re focusing our new workshop on small companies that want to create their own unique style, but need advice on how to create a unique style experiences.

Together with the brands management we offer a small shooting with our own professional photography in an informal group atmosphere of no more than 10 persons. A great look and a great approach should be available to everyone, and we look forward to adding our trademark workshop to our range of work. Find out more about our forthcoming workshop here.

5 ) What are your five best hints for setting up your own company? The start of your own company can felt and be overpowering. Look at what works and what doesn't and make your own methodology, but also look at other sectors and see how you can put their methodology to work for your own company.

A lot of entrepreneurs believe that the industrial standards must be met at all cost. Absolutely not so, in today's mature marketplace you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd and adhering to the package will not do this for you or your make. Benefit from what is special about you and the expertise your customers have in working with you.

Yes, setting up a new company can be frightening, but it is also unbelievably rewarding. Yes, you will work harder, you will make errors, you will encounter uneven roads, and with each passing day you will find out what went awry, and next week you will find a new way to approach this state.

With Squarespace you can create a great profit making deal! Ask me anything about Squarespace, your website, your website, your eCourses or your own company.

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