Squarespace not Loading

Quadratic space not loaded

Several Squarespace themes use AJAX loading by default. When loading AJAX is enabled, it can sometimes happen that your POWr plugins are not loaded when loading the first page. The Squarespace website is not loaded on the phone when a javascript re-direct is added.

I run a square space website for a mate. His problem is that he has a desktop-specific homepage and he wants to redirect users to another, different page. Now, I thought this would be easy as I did it on other sites with the following Java Script code:

I' ve been injecting this piece of coding into the section 'Code injection' in square space. Somehow, if you try to upload the website to a cell phone, it will look as if it was loaded and the links will successfully change in the address bar.

The safari and the place don't work well together.

Squarespace, as many of you know, is my preferred web host and I usually use Safari as my standard web browsing application on all my Macs. And while they have a Safari Dev canal, sometimes other programmers can't always keep up, or a modification isn't clearly recorded and causes issues, hence the problem between Safari and Squarespace.

Do not use Safari 9.x to work on your Squarespace page for now. When you use a Mac, I have proved that the latest version of Google Chrome for working with Squarespace is totally robust. Worked on a long item and Safari exploded and I almost everything got lost. What?

Some of the reason I got grumpy when I saved was because I got used to Autosave and some of the reason was that when you click Save in Squarespace it also closed the file, which I think is a poor UI desig. Three times later, I turned to Squarespace Technical Services, who as always reacted very promptly, and they reported that they were conscious of the problems with the latest Safari and were "working on it". That was three months ago, and since there were no alerts or upgrades from Squarespace, I did another Safari test with this one.

I' m sure Squarespace will find out what I don't know, and neither does she, when. So, to spare yourself embarrassment, migraines and the noisy use of imaginative metaphors, you shouldn't use Safari to work on your Squarespace page until further notice. What's more, you can't use Safari to create your own website.

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