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Employer reviews for Squarespace New York Region, États-Unis d'Amérique A number of initial attempts are being made to build stronger technical fora. - It is still difficult for Squarespace Engineer to find out some of its core components, which is quite a big ruby mark given the size of the group. Prior to taking the position, I was asked by several that Squarespace was proud to have a shallow and unofficially titled musician.

Barely a months after my launch, they launched a poorly declared stepladder with an amazing number of levels. Though the leader was somehow bound to compensate, this was never declared. My teammate did not allow me to use much of what I had worked on before, nor did it look like the question I was asked in an interview.

It was astonishing for me because I said that I wanted to carry on the same kind of work I had done with several of them. Squarespace's advantage was that they could put me on an offensively low level of the careers ladder that ignored my years of exposure because the responsibility of my crew was new to me.

It took well over a year for me to possibly ascend to a place on the leadership that matched the one I had at the position I had just quit. As I raised my concern about my placing in the squad, the best thing they could do was let their shoulder twitch and say they were new to dealing with them.

This is a very hard pill to take for someone who has lived a lifetime to travel the countryside to take a job. N.Y.C. snobbery is the hardest in squarespace. Having lived in towns for almost a ten years, I resolved to begin in the outskirts when I relocated for them.

The recruitment department was selling me on Squarespace with flexitime. Most of the engeneering begins at 11:30am. So I decided to work a little bit nearer than 8:30-5:15 so I could have a few extra working days on the night I got home. There were strong hints from several folks (again, whether it was their deal or not) that I was having difficulty adapting to my staff because our lessons didn't coincide.

One of the things I liked to get away with was the whole thing, and I was looking for another occasion as soon as possible.

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