Squarespace Nyc Office

Space Nyc Office

Squarespace announces the completion of A+I's Squarespace Corporate HQ in New York City The 100,000 sqm office block designed by New Yorkshire architects and designers A+I comprises a large basement hallway, three storeys and a rooftop terrace - all within the Malltz edifice, a historical production centre from the twentieth centuries in the print area. Within three month, the A+I team had devoted itself to optimising the overall head office layout in order to create the perfect atmosphere for creative, comfortable and collaborative working, where staff could easily switch between two different working methods (individual and group).

Our creations are targeted to the areas where individuals work, think, collaborate and socialize, which has proved to be very effective and beneficial to the workflow," says David Conner, a founder of A+I. To represent the real picture of Squarespace Globalisierung HQ, the finished artwork mirrors the same elegant and refined look as the company's branded work.

In fact, A+I has minimised the use of colour and material in creating deep, warm and textured spaces. Projektinfo: Projektteam: brad Zizmor & Day Conner, Founder Partner / e-liane Mallot, Sr: associate / British Everett, Projektmanager / Peterknutson, Head of Strategic / Tem: Arsen, Head Designer / Ali CAl Kalixto, Fashion Designer / Mega Calinowski, Ron Herb & Catina Kremeberg, Designer. work place strategic process:

Planning & construction: Jun 2014 - Mar 2016. 98.000 sqm: Earth observation area, 10.11.12. and rooftop terrace.

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