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You are referring to an index page that is included in many squarespace templates. This is how you build One Page with Squarespace There' s no doubt that Squarespace has the best looking template of any website builder out there. Using our alcove are One Page sites, a frequent issue that is asked to me: Where do I begin to use Squarespace? I' ve been spending some quality case to curate their amazing collection of 65 ready-made model files down to 8 files that are your best bases for building a One Page website on-line.

The Sonora is a beautiful, long scroll pattern with unusual Parallax scroll effect and breathtaking type. You can really use the templates for any landing page, but this demonstration is designed to launch your own events. Sonora's full-screen 3-D scroll effect and customisable galleries let you do more than just split your show - you can put it on the card.

Video preview of Sonora: Observe the para-lax scanning effect - the text in the front will move down more quickly than the (slower) backgrounds. I' ve deleted the navigational points of the title page (top right) and changed them to a clear Buy Tickets tool. The Flatiron is a one-of-a-kind project management tool that invites project developers to use AJAX.

That means that you load contents within the page without having to reload your web page tabs. Sample artwork support includes text and image support per artwork. If required, this can act like a case studies dossier. Flatiron's extensive expertise in portfolios, which support a number of parallel portfolios, is a favorite with artistic managers, artists and photographs.

Preview Flatiron video: This means that the selected projects will load at the top of the page. Added the removal of the top menu elements, because they were not needed. The Ishimoto is a minimum one-page image that presents images in a horizontally scrollable area. Unique pattern with a unique name. The Ishimoto is a collection artwork with an cutting-edge, horizontally slidable slide control that will make it the favorite for photography, art and restaurant professionals.

Preview Ishimoto video: See how to click on the pictures or the arrow to navigate. Also, keep in mind how well the original can take pictures of different sizes, something that many other photo originals are struggling with. Just deleted the page top right and added my e-mail at the bottom right. The perfect minimum photo inventory.

The Pacific is a robust, eye-catching landing page design suitable for virtually any business. Pacifica allows you to make long scroll pages with wallpapers and gorgeous full-width art gallery or album. Preview Pacific Video: Notice how a stuffy headers menu will appear after you scroll down a little. The Pacific is One Page out the Box and simple to use.

The Momentum is a one-page artwork that presents full-screen images in a smooth scroll bar. The Momentum is a gorgeous artwork designed specifically for full frame and high resolution professionals who need the opportunity to show their work in a slide show surface. Momentous Video Preview: I' ve substituted my site navigational elements (next to the bottom line logo) with my community content and e-mail adress.

The Horizon is a beautiful, long scroll pattern that is perfectly suited for any performer, musicians or act to advertise their new materials and touring. Horizon was conceived as a one-page website event for groups with a huge footprint and lets your contents take centre-stage as never before. Skyline video preview: Notice how a stuffy headers menu will appear after you scroll down a little.

I' ve deleted the top menu in the headline, because you can easily navigate to all parts.

The Avenue is a minimum inventory artwork that represents your work in a neat raster. Functions includes AJAX load portfolios that support more than one image per projector, with text included. Avenue' s clear, linear design and adaptable grid-based layouts are particularly loved by the photographer, illustrator and designer as a classical templates with a contemporary look.

Alley video preview: Notice how your selected artwork is loaded at the top of the page, followed by the thumbnail grids. So you can search through more of your designs instead of having to scroll up each time you view them. I' ve added my e-mail in the top right corner of the head area. Which advantages does the use of Squarespace have?

Square Space is one of the world' s premier providers of on-line web sites. Try and see how your website will look on a variety of screens. Hopefully you have found value in the articles requisites to Squarespace for the creation of a site where we can build nice single page sites easy. I' m working on a follow-up paper (+/- 2 weeks) on how to build a long-running landing page from the ground up with Squarespace.

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