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I' m sure Squarespace would be able to meet your needs, but I think Wix could be an even more suitable option because it's so intuitive to use. Addition of fundamental variations of products - Square space help

Variant versions are versions of a given item with different properties such as dimensions or colour. Variant users can use drop-down lists to select one of the options. Allows you to define variant versions for new and legacy items. An individual item can have up to 100 different versions. Help with the addition of items to your shop can be found under Add items to your shop.

If you are looking for multi-option items, see our section Managing Advanced Item Variations. Please note: Only physical and service based software supports variations. While you can include more than one picture in a single item, choosing a variation does not necessarily alter the picture you see. If, for example, a client chooses a crimson vest while the standard picture is a crimson vest, the picture will not necessarily be changed to a crimson vest.

To open the Products Web Page, double-click a specific one. You can find details under Processing a Brand. Click the Prices & Variants page in the Products dialog box. At least one unambiguous characteristic such as dimension, colour or styling is required for the work. Press the + pushbutton to insert a new item into your list. Type the name of the item, and then click Remember This.

Versions can contain different price, sales and inventory levels. Press the + pushbutton below the SKU box to create new variations. As a result, the system will copy the prior version for processing. Allows you to maintain options for each variation. Allows you to maintain the SKU, price determination, inventory, weight, and dimension of a variation, as well as any new production options you have made.

Please note: Measurements are used to determine the best containers for the carriers that have been charged using the USPS shipment options. Here is a quick look at how variations will look in your business. Your real layouts will depend on your artwork and your creative options: Create variations by adding more than one options (for example, sizes and colors). Every combo of options must be adjusted by hand.

You can find help under Inserting Advanced Versions. Once you have created your own variations, you can rearrange them by moving up or down lines in the lists. Once you have added the options and variations you want, click Saving. If you want to delete a variation, go back to the Pricing & Variations page of a specific item and click the Trashcan symbol next to the variation.

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