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Sitemap and table of contents - Quadratraumhilfe Make pages to make your website, and then organise your pages in a navigational bar to help your site navigate. There' a couple kinds of pages: Normal pages generate user-defined text and layout for text and other contents. Collection serves certain purpose and have design that varies between masters. Thumbnails, directories, and navigational hyperlinks are additional ways to organise your work.

Front covers are target pages in fat or one-page pages. A good way to structure the pages of your website is to understand the page panels. Check out this Getting started series wallpaper-tourorial. Ordinary pages include block layouts that allow you to lay out pictures, movies, text, cards, and more in a custom style. Create a page by including a regular page in your Navigate Page drop-down list.

To start attaching to your page or your blogs, simply insert a pad. Move, zoom, and clear blocs to display contents in column and row. Pages of the collectors' pages serve certain purpose, such as the display of forthcoming exhibitions or the presentation of a picture album. Galleries are available in all patterns, and their design and functionality varies.

Galeries show gallery pages with pictures and video. Build and maintain an on-line shop through a product page. Build a blogsite with a blogsite. Event pages show event as calendars or lists. Thumbnail pages organise contents from several pages in a unique place. Thumbnails are available in some template files.

Others pile several pages vertical, others build a navigational grating with pictures, and others build slide shows. Understand how to add pages to an index page to help build one. Avenue, Momentum and Sole are the most common index page styles. Front covers are different from other page styles and have a striking layout in fat.

Find out more about cover sheets and their many different one-of-a-kind designs. It is possible to attach a cover page to a website or shop.

Users can use your navigational menu to browse your website. Generate drop-down lists of directories. Find out more about folder vs. index pages. You can use tag and category to organize and view collectibles. Link to outside pages by attaching hyperlinks to your site navigator. Conceal pages by deactivating them or hiding them in Not referenced.

Password protected pages or your whole website. You will find further pages and contents manuals in the menu on the right.

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