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Frequently asked questions about PayPal acceptance and the features supported in this integration can be found in the PayPal FAQ. Accept PayPal - Square Help Provide your customer with PayPal as a cash register option by linking a PayPal Business to your website. Frequently asked PayPal acceptance issues and the features included in this PayPal solution can be found in the PayPal FAQ. Please note: To be able to pay with your direct debit, your card and Apple Pay, please join Stripe. Both PayPal and Stripe can be connected.

Section 2 of our General Conditions and comply with PayPal's acceptable use policy. Trade and payments processor are premier functions available in the latest website business plans and higher: For more information, see our Premier Functions. In order to use PayPal, you need a PayPal businessccount. PayPal Personal is free to update if you already have a PayPal Personal emailccount.

You will be asked to register, merge, or update an existing user profile during set-up. Check the PayPal handling charges. When you place a return order, PayPal retains the set percentage of the charge. You cannot use PayPal to purchase Squarespace subscription. Also PayPal cannot be used for contributions raised through the donation block. When your PayPal Business accounts use an adress in Brazil, India, Israel or Japan, please contact PayPal by hand.

The PayPal option only allows you to add a single charge or charge card to a single PayPal balance. PayPal will not process your PayPal data if you log in to a PayPal Business port and a PayPal Business port is associated with another port, such as a PayPal Business port. For more information, see troubleshooting.

Then click Join PayPal. Login to your PayPal Business email address, update your PayPal Personal email address, or open a new PayPal email address. If you need help, please check out these tutorials from Google Chrome or Firefox. Perform these procedures to merge an established PayPal Business email address, update a PayPal Personal email address, or open a new one.

When you already have a PayPal account: Type in the e-mail adress for your bankroll. When you have a PayPal Personal and PayPal Business accounts, please obey PayPal's instructions to update to a PayPal Business as well. If you are asked, give Squarespace authorisation to use your PayPalccount. If you see the succesful authorisation notification, click Back to Square Space.

When you don't have a PayPal. businessaccount:: Please fill in your e-mail adress. You can use the drop-down menu to tell PayPal about your company. Fill in your details and click Send. If you see the successfully completed authorisation notification that says "Thank you for registering", click Back to Squarespace. Please note: Before you can cash out money from orders, you must check your new bankroll.

Search for an e-mail from PayPal saying "Confirm your e-mail address" in the body and obey the directions. Once your bank details have been validated, you can make a withdrawal from PayPal. Squarespace payment charges may be added to the PayPal handling charges according to the settlement schedule.

You will be debited these charges from your PayPal inbox. In the Next Step pane on your Squarespace page, check the information about your plan's transactions charges, then click Agree & Proceed. Login to your PayPal Business email address, choose a billing option, then click Agree & Pay. Please note: If you have not chosen a PayPal Credit or Debit Cards for your PayPal Moneybookers Digital Store you may be asked to do so.

Once the charge has been accepted, your PayPal link is completed and you will be sent a verification e-mail from Squarespace. Consumers who buy your product will see the Continue with PayPal check-out button. You can login to your PayPal accounts to finish your shopping. Once you have logged in to PayPal, authorized PayPal users will also be able to make payments using Venmo on their cell phones.

In order to test a PayPal payment please use an alternative PayPal payment method at the cashier and return the order. You cannot use the same PayPal Business accounts associated with your website to verify out. Because PayPal does not provide test modes, this procedure differs from what you are used to if you have previously placed test orders with Stripe.

Please note: PayPal will charge a flat rate charge for each payment (e.g. $0.30 for US bank transfers ). All other Squarespace and PayPal handling costs will be reimbursed, this flat rate charge will not be reimbursed for refunds. It is possible to link several Squarespace websites to one PayPal Business site only. Each Squarespace site can only be linked to one PayPal Business site only.

In order to delete PayPal as a means of paying, you must always close the connection to PayPal. PayPal is no longer available for paying your customers. Please click on PayPal. Then click Separate PayPal. If you want to link another PayPal business account, please follow the instructions in this manual. The Squarespace support team can help you with the following PayPal integrations:

Please refer to PayPal or consult their literature for anything else related to PayPal, as well as rejected fees, banned items, or necessary information. When your PayPal Business accounts use an Brazilian, Israeli, Indian or Japanese country postal code, please reconnect to PayPal by hand. "You will see this if your PayPal Business e-mail is associated with a personal PayPal inbox.

A settlement arrangement that divides your payment information between your bank and your settlement accounts may be stored in your private area. Sign in to your PayPal Business area. In the lower right hand side of the page, click Update e-mail. Find your own e-mail and click Remove. You can find more information about PayPal under FAQ about PayPal.

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