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Reloading my page slow - Square help Square Space is taking several steps to make sure that all the websites we are hosting are loaded quickly. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is used for pictures and other large data as well as for JavaScript and CSS compressing. Ongoing monitoring of server performance by our engineering staff allows us to react to issues before they become apparent.

Every Squarespace site is supported by the full performance of our system, so you don't have to fear that the download time of your website will rise with increasing popularity. When your website loads slow, here are some frequent problems you can fix. Please note: To see if a website download failure is a system-wide concern, visit our status page.

For the first download of a page, a web navigator will download the entire contents of the page. Doing so can significantly impact loading if your site contains a large amount of contents. Loading speed also varies based on the amount of bandwith of the computer or equipment a user uses to display your site. Dependent on the type of your web browsers, some contents can be saved in order to shorten the loading process during later visitors.

One page with more than 1 megabyte can significantly delay the charging of a mobile phone call. If you have a wideband link, 5 to 10 Mbytes on one side can significantly improve download time. In order to prevent these problems, we recommend: Distribution of contents on several pages. Extracts from blog pages with a lot of contents.

That way, your web page won't download everything at once and can save time. Go to the Check the page dimensions of your page contents page to check the page dimensions and see which parts of the page occupy the largest area. In this manual we provide the following web browsing options for displaying and modifying your website.

Displaying or modifying a website with an older browsers release may cause load problems. Please verify that your webrowser is up to date and try downloading the latest versions here. Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have built-in capabilities for investigating load problems with extra ressources. When you experience problems downloading pages with low contents when using a recent web browsers, this may indicate a problem with your intranet.

Also, you can review status.squarespace.com to see if your problem applies to all squarespace pages. User-defined coding - embedding third-party coding, injection of coding, and using custom style sheets - can cause your site to slow down. If you' re fixing problems with loading times, delete all your customized codes from your site, store them in a text file for safekeeping, and then update the page.

Please note: The addition of arbitrary codes to your website is an extended change that does not fall within the extent of Squarespace assistance. For a general layout guideline, we suggest that you do not use more than two typefaces on your website. The reduction of the number of typefaces on your website can also help to shorten the load times.

First, when a web browsing application downloads a page from your site, it downloads all scripts that have been selected in the Style Editor, as well as user-defined Typekit scripts. When you have many different scripts, all of them must be loaded before the page can be displayed in the web browsing application. In order to optimise your download times, use web-safe typefaces, i.e. typefaces that most web browser and OS recognise.

The Style Editor makes these scripts web-safe: There are a number of other things that can influence the loading of your website. Please note: If you use customized codes on your website, please delete the codes and store them in a text file before opening a ticketing, even if you have discovered that the codes are not your responsibility.

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