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What does my website look like on a portable phone? - Square help Square Space template is engineered to make sure your site is searchable by anyone from desktop to tablet to smartphone. Squarespace pages adapt to smaller web navigators and adapt to the form of a given machine. Reactive Theme - Your contents are magnified dynamically according to the width of the web page you are browsing.

Most Squarespace layouts have extra built-in portable style that activates when your website recognizes that it is displayed on a portable devices. Traditionally, portable style influences navigational and styling features to keep your website moving and moveable. Even though the appearance of your website on your phone will vary depending on the style, most style sheets have similar features.

Describes what you can look for on your website and gives advice on customizing your style. If you want to know how your website works on your phone, the best way is to test it yourself. We have two major ways to see the portable features of your website: View your phone and test it on your portable and smaller browser.

Devices View is a great way to test the look and feel of your website from a desktop as you edit it. In order to open the Devices View, login to your website and move the mouse pointer over the page at the top of the page in the webbrowser. Left-click the displayed arrows and choose a model. See Instrument View for details.

Appliance View gives you a general picture of how your website will look in a standard portable web browsing application, but is not 100% exact for every phone or tray. Windows size varies from part to part, and the portable capabilities of some template files look different on an actual portable part than they do in part.

So it' a good suggestion to go to your website on every unit you can.

Square Space's peculiar portable style ensures they are easy to find and suitable for portable use. For more information, please see the review of Squarespace and MEO. There are a few things you can do in additional to the mobility optimised template to make sure your website remains mobility, among which the limitation of the contents in an index page, the use of extracts from blogs, the reduction of the picture sizes and the minimisation of the number of pictures on a page.

For more information, see our website dedicated to your Squarespace site mobile-friendly. Generally, the contents are stacked on top of each other in a vertical way. For more information on what you can do with your mobility for a particular design, see our design guidelines. Below are general information regarding general page element usage on your phone. Hint: Some styles have mobile-specific styles in the Styles Editor.

Because you can't modify your website on a portable computer, you can make these changes on a computer workstation. You can find help under Changing the Styles. Depending on the unit or your web browsing function, you can open and playback your voice and videofiles. A number of units, up to and incl. ifOS, open sound clips in the multimedia players of your unit.

Videofiles are played on the site in all our browser for portable devices. When you have added a customized preview as a picture overlap, touch twice to playback the movie. Wallpapers are available on your phone. You may need to make the screen or contents area clear in some template so that the wallpaper appears.

In order to find out how to do it, please go to Change colours. Same wallpaper is displayed on your wallpaper and on your phone. If they fit into the longer, slimmer display of a portable device's web browsers, wallpapers can be cropped or distorted. Selecting a wallpaper can make a big change in the way it is displayed on your phone.

Read our debugging tip for Style Editor optimizations that work well on your phone. If you are adding a wallpaper, use a portable phone or the phone view to see what it looks like on your phone. Banners are always cut slightly on portable equipment. In sidebanner pictures, you can customize the focus point of the picture to determine how the picture is trimmed.

The parallax scroll is a specialized effect available in certain originals where the wallpaper seems to move slower than the contents in the front. It is available in these template on the phone: Front covers adjust to your phone according to your layouts. For more information, see Cover page Mobility Style. Font sizes usually retain the same look on portable devices, but large font sizes, such as headlines, can be reduced depending on your browser's width.

However, some styles use scale scripts, so you can specify the maximal and minimal size for title, heading, and other text keys later. Hint: If you see text overlaps on your phone, change the line size of the style editor line. Often template have an integrated mobiles cushioning, which will help you to optimise your website for smaller browser and an appealing look.

That means distances and cushions that impact your desktopsite can't always influence the look of your phone. The way your Gallery Page or Gallery Block is displayed on your phone will depend on the size. Big picture file or too many pictures can cause your website to slow download to your phone.

For more information, see our website dedicated to your Squarespace site mobile-friendly. Lattice - Displayed as a lattice, two column width. Roundabout - Show as a roundabout, but only one picture at a stretch. Please note: In most cases, picture headings are displayed on the phone in the same way as on the screen. Slide show gallery blocks do not show picture captions using a browser smaller than 480 inches.

There are different settings for each of the templates. Raster - Gallery pages are stacked vertical. Touch an illuminated box picture. Picture title and description are not displayed. Slide show - Gallery pages are displayed as a slide show. Provided your submission does support click-through ULs or delete link ULLs, they will also work on your phone.

These gallery pages of the following originals have got one of a kind features on the phone. Samples are grouped by families. The pictures are stacked in vertical order. ForeImages are stacked vertical. The title and description of the picture are displayed below the picture. GalapagosFor grating flares touch the point in the lower right hand edge to view picture captions and description. LshimotoImages are stacked vertical. Picture title and description are displayed under each picture.

The title and description of the picture are displayed below the picture. Galleries are stacked in a vertical position on most phones. At WellsImages, we pile vertical. The title and description of the picture are displayed below the picture. WexleyImages are stacked upright. Blocs that show pictures from corporate account, such as Instagram, Flickr, and 300px, show pictures in a raster two-column width. Depending on your original, the look and feel of your browser will vary, but the main browser will usually collapse behind a menue symbol (known as a "hamburger" symbol) or hyperlink.

When your style sheet includes foot navigations, it appears at the bottom of the page, piled vertical. You can find more information about your pattern under the symbols in the navigational menus. Here is an example of what it looks like to navigate through the offer template: In the case of documents that include header and footer capabilities, the contents are displayed on the phone.

Consumers can buy from your website on portable gadgets, similar to the way they buy from the desktops. Just like the rest of your website, your Squarespace stores adapt to be small and portable. Produce is stacked in one or two vertical pillars. Each page of the article has a picture of the article, which is stacked above the buttons Descriptions, Prices and Cart.

As a rule, the categories are displayed as a dropdown filter dropdown box. Supply shows the categories navigator in the Navigate window. The shopping basket in most template pages is displayed in a small shopping basket at the bottom of the website. While there are a few exclusions below, this listing groups submissions by group. Display in the upper or lower movable panel.

Display in the upper or lower movable panel. Displayed as a Buttons. Displayed in navigational superimposition or headline. Displayed in the navigational overview. Currently the Instant Review and product image zoom are not available on your phone. You can customize the style of your basket in certain template files. Squarespace's highly reactive architecture piles blocs onto vertical mobilesutomatically.

See page and pad layouts changes on portable terminals for more information and a movie about how this works. One-column - Full-width pads pile vertical on portable equipment and retain the page's desktopscape. Multi Column - The second, third and extra column move under the first column for portable equipment and are stacked vertical instead of horizontal.

Floating pads are displayed above their text pad on the phone. Distance holder pads are faded out for most originals on the phone automatic. When your website uses advertising pop-ups, you can activate them on your phone. Every portable pop-up is set to a half-page format by default in order to comply with Google's site rankings policy in your results.

You can use the Style Panels to customise the portable theme or deactivate portable pop-ups in the Appearance & Timing Panels. Galery pages - The presentation of your pages will depend on your templates. Picture and gallery blocks - Picture annotations are usually displayed on the phone in the same way as on the screen. Picture caps can always be displayed when touched or never displayed, according to the portable phone model and your webspace.

The side bars are displayed at the bottom of the page on the phone. Ishimoto does not show side bars on portable computers. Generally, your page header or your company emblem remains in a similar location on your phone. If, for example, your page caption appears in the top right hand side of your screen, it will usually appear in the top right hand side of your phone.

To see a summary of the page titles of each style sheet displayed on your phone, see Add a page name. Showing the favicon or web browsing symbol will depend on your web browsing device. Occasionally the favicon will not be displayed at all. See Enhanced wireless style for a complete listing of wireless subscription style sheets.

Portable Styleles translates the functions of a template into a portable, easy-to-use user experience that supports tactile gesture support such as foldable navigational menu and legible type. Cellular styling is turned on by default, but you can turn it off in most Advanced Theme Panel template settings. For more information, see Turn off portable style. Please note: Responsible Theme is integrated into every Squarespace site and cannot be deactivated.

The integrated and user-defined domaines of your website work both on the screen and on the phone; you don't need a dedicated portable address book. Please note: If you have problems linking a third-party website to your phone, make sure you have properly connected it to your website. Generally, portable terminals provide light box effect but there are some limitations:

When your picture has a caption, a small point will appear in the lower right corner of the light box. Touch screen gadgets such as smart phones, tables and touch screen laptop computers do not provide hovern. Items on your website that have hidden effect can be displayed when you tap them. The drop-down folders drop down menu is displayed when you tap them.

Products name and price are displayed below the picture. Picture annotations can always be displayed when touched or never displayed, according to your equipment model and your webspace. What is the big deal between reactive styling and portable styling? The appealing layout allows your page contents to be scaled to the best ad by default, according to the latest monitor resolutions and sizes.

The Squarespace site has an appealing layout. Portable styling is a set of integrated styling principles that redefine how a website's contents are presented on portable computing device. Those lifestyles allow an optimal presentation of the contents of a website on smaller monitors. Web site with portable styling looks different than a Web site displayed with a web browsing application.

What does Squarespace do to determine when to view portable or desktopstyles? Squarespace detects a portable OS whenever you access a website on a portable computer. Send a message to show the portable style. If you have deactivated the portable style in the preferences, this is the case.

Is it possible to customize my website's portable layouts by using customized styles? More information about how to insert user-defined styles can be found using the Style Sheet Editor. Is it possible to modify my page on my phone? Allows you to login and administer some aspect of your Squarespace page on your portable devices, but some functions are only available on a desk top or notebook.

They can also administer certain parts of your website on the phone with our portable applications.

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