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Please contact the Squarespace customer service number. Link to a phone number - Square help Create a phone hotline to help motivate your visitor to call you. If someone touches this shortcut from a smart phone, they will be prompted to call the number. They can be added to these links: For example, this tutorial guides you through the process of making a text links, but you can find step-by-step instructions for how to attach your text to other areas by clicking Attach your website as well.

Adding a phone number as clear text without links varies its formats depending on the device. A number of phones recognize the phone number and display it as a shortcut. In order to make sure that it is always displayed as a shortcut, please obey the remainder of this step. Type the text you want to associate in the text block editor.

Example: Call us or give the full phone number. You can find help how to add a text block by using the text block. On the Text Editor taskbar, click the shortcut symbol. Opens the Hyperlinkditor. As soon as the hyperlink builder is open: Type tel: followed by a phone number without space.

When the number contains a prefix, include tel:+ followed by the phone number. Then click Submit a Link. You can find more help under Fixing Links Problems.

Square Area (646)580-3456 Customer Service Phone Number

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