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Build a beautiful portfolio website with our Portfolio Website Builder. Portfolio Website Builders - Build a Portfolio Website - Square Area Build a nice portfolio website for your artwork. No matter whether you are creating a portfolio website, blogging or managing a company, our design website template designers have proved to be the best way to present your idea on-line. The Squarespace Portfolio App for iPad and iPhone is a free application that lets you take your portfolio website with you wherever you go without an Internet browser.

No matter whether you are an artist, graphic design professional or graphic design enthusiast, Squarespace is selected by the world's most gifted professional designers when they want a great website. You already have aomain? Upload your domainname to Squarespace in a few simple moves.

Setting up a portfolio site - Squarespace Help

Portfolio site presents your work to the outside and makes it easier for them to see who you are and what you have done. Learn in this guidebook how to choose the right templates for your portfolio and different ways to present your work. They can also add a resume, organised drop-down menu and secured customer login to their portfolio.

Please note: This manual concentrates on designing websites for art ist-, creator- and photography portfolio. Whilst all Squarespace artwork has an integrated portable theme and artistic gallery, the following have been developed by creators specifically for creators and fine arts. Whether it' an index page with tiles or a simple slide show, these guides show your work and keep your website look as discreet as a photo box.

In this way, you can organise your contents into miniature views and title pages that, when you click, display separate gallery pages and descriptive pages, making a large work available from a central location. See Using the Avenue Template for details. York was specifically developed for portfolio use and is perfect for designers, specifiers, photographers, design studios and other visually oriented professionals.

YORKY uses one of a kind project pages to mix text and pictures to present your creations attractively and eye-catching. You can find details under Using the York template. At Wells, we merge side bar browsing, captioning, and gallery pages into a single, picture-perfect artwork. The Wells Gallery Pages allows users to toggle between a slide show and a miniature view raster to support your audiences while maintaining your pictures in the spotlight.

You can find details under Using the Wells Reference. Neat and stylish, Ishimoto offers minimum navigational effort and draws the audience's eye to the slide show of pictures. See Using the Ishimoto Sample for details. It also uses an ingenious index page to represent different project on a unique page. When you hover your mouse over a miniature image, the page heading appears, and when you click it, the full contents of the galleries and a descriptive text appear.

You can find details under Using the Flatiron Model. Each square room pattern can present your photos, artwork or patterns in an original way. There are three main ways to view picture sets: index pages, gallery pages and gallery blocks. In this section, the main distinctions and how each methodology applies to portfolio management are discussed.

Thumbnail pages are available in custom template formats and provide unparalleled possibilities for presenting contents. Avenue and Flatiron's Index Pages both have thumbnail grid views that allow you to organise several gallery pages into a coherent one. The other index page style, such as the single-scrolling index page used by Pacific, Sole and similar sites, is less portfolio-oriented.

If you are considering an index page, it is important to look at the index page itself and how its contents are changed when you access it from the index page. The gallery pages seen from Avenue's index page, for example, contain a piled stack of pictures and a narrative, while the gallery pages seen alone use a slide show theme.

Because Index Pages offers layout and functionality that is not available anywhere else, it's good to know if a particular Index Page styles is appropriate for your portfolio, and then building your website around that key characteristic. Gallery-pages are available for each pattern, but many patterns use different variants. Gallery-type pages also differ within Index Pages, so it's a good idea to explore the different sets to see how you want to organize your portfolio site.

The following issues may be helpful when rating the artwork of a gallery page: Would you like to show a caption or title? Do you have a particular theme (e.g. a grille or slide show) that you know you like? For more information about the gallery pages, see Using the Gallery Page. The Gallery Bloc lets you choose from four default themes - Slide Show, Roundabout, Mesh, and Batch - when you create a gallery on a regular page, blogs, or other type of area.

When a particular artwork has a characteristic that you like like like an index page, but a gallery page design that doesn't fit your visions, using gallery blocks on a regular page is a great option. For more information, please see our guidelines on the difference between gallery pages and gallery blocks. The use of header files will help you to organise your contents into clear areas such as "Past Clients" or "Awards".

For more information, see View your résumé on your website. When your work involves more than one keyword, you can use tag and category to organise your contents and then view them in a drop-down list. In order to show the work on your website and at the same time restrict who sees it, you can build gallery pages that do not appear in your home page as well as password-protected pages.

See Create a home page for more information. When you want your photos to appear in your results, Google's picture description and captioning helps you better identify what your photos are made of. Picture headings are also used as alphanumeric text to make your website more universal. In addition to the addition of text photos, checking your website with the Google Query Console and following these best practice guidelines can improve the rankings of your portfolio.

It is only the beginning of the opportunities of your portfolio. Use the following guidelines to construct your portfolio site and show the rest of the community what you are all about. Optimise your pictures for presentation on the web with our picture reformatting guideline. Submit a Domain or create a new one via Squarespace.

For general hints on how to set up your website, please check out our Getting started tutorials.

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