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Every day new Squarespace jobs are added. Careers in square space - square space Squarespace brings together the world's most gifted engineering, design and opinion leadership to shape the futures of digital publish. We are looking for individuals to join the squad who are as enthusiastic as we are to create the foundation that will enable the next generations of creatives to succeed on-line. More than one way we take good care of our staff.

We provide a highly professional service to our staff and their families with first-class health, dentistry, and visual care. There are also up to 18 week pay paternity leaves, everyday gastronomic lunch, heavy chilled brews and seasonally designed spa programmes which include medication, exercise, yoga, massage and nutritional work. It is our belief that spending good hours outside the workplace is crucial to the job satisfaction of our people.

For this reason, our PTO flexibility schedule empowers our teams to take a break so they can come back for more. Staff will also receive two free Squarespace pages to explore their creativity and by-products. We are committed to making sure that all our staff have the information they need to do their job well.

All Hands Meeting, e-mail newsletter and CEO Office Hours are just a few of the programmes we run to unite our three office locations and split important corporate issues across the group. We are serious about the success of Squarespace. As part of their overall remuneration, all our staff members earn an Employee Capital Scheme in the organisation and we balance up to 4% of a member's individual remuneration in 401(K) (US) or Pension (Ireland) dues.

Every employee's contribution is voted on in an anonymous way so that they can help the organisations they love - by two. Also we organize development for members of the teams who voluntarily participate in special client workshop and communal work. Squarespace's regular weekend greetings are a great way to get in touch with colleagues and relax after the (long) workweek.

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