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Just like the restrained, minimalist atmosphere your brand conveys, the company's office space is simple and concise. Excellent office discounts, lunch and draught beer. Enter the minimalist Portland office of Squarespace. Squarepace is known for its courageous and iconoclastic brands and for supporting the crowds in building lean, enterprising Web sites. Just like the unobtrusive, minimalistic atmosphere your corporate identity communicates, the company's office areas are simple and concise.

We' ve already written about the breathtaking office of Squarespace in New York. Today we take you to their Portland trenches, which retain the rich contrasts of their East Coast counterparts - blacks, whites and neutrals - but give a one-of-a-kind touch that catches Portland's creative culture.

Squarespace's Portland office is dramatically and uniquely, but also creatively and inviting: a great addition to a quaint little town that likes to cross borders, be angular, but also extremely welcoming and people-friendly.

Squarespace's new Portland office first viewed; Q&A with CEO Anthony Casalena

The New York website developer Squarespace opened its Portland Costumer Services office more than two years ago. At the beginning of this early season, it relocated from a provisional quarter in the old town to an upmarket office in the recently renovated 105-year-old Spalding building. Formerly a Sleep Country USA retail outlet, the new office accommodated Ladd & Tilton Bank and a number of heirs.

Meanwhile, 149 staff members work on three redesigned levels and support customers in building and maintaining their web sites. "Look, we're competing with Google and Facebook and Amazon for incumbents. We' re competing with the best start-ups in talent," says Squarespace creator and CEO Anthony Casalena.

" Squarespace, a private company, has collected nearly $80 million in VC investments and has more than 1 million payors. The Portland office is one of three (the others are located in New York and Ireland), and Squarespace is one of several well-known technology firms with client services in Oregon.

Casalena, who visited the new Portland office for the first visit this past months, had a brief conversation with The Oregonian about his company, the Portland office's minimally invasive designs and the web's bright prospects. The engineering departments are all looking at it.

It' s just that we really get it through and through, from the products we make to the office we sit in.

Looking at this meeting room we're in - it's all dark except for the seats. Bottom line is dark. It'?s got a desk in dark on it. Bottom line is dark. Being part of an architectonic proces we have created this room, New York and Dublin at the same aime. A+I in New York, in order to realise these rooms.

Her first approach is Squarespace, it's all monochrome (like the corporate logo), let's do everything in monochrome. {\pos (192,210)}One of the things I was hoping you'd get from this office is that they should actually be feeling hot and wealthy. It is a wooden structure, it is a wooden structure (the meeting room has a parquet floor), it is the wooden plank to which we hold.

They try to recreate a feeling of living without impairing the function of an office. What was Portland doing working for you? So the first strategic choice for office placement is a combination of timezone cover for client operation as well: The atmosphere of Portland and the occasion just drew us in, considering that the other parametres match.

What is the development of your company? Your ambitions can vary drastically, from just me in my hostel to 560,570 where we are right now. My shop has gone, trying to build a website, just for myself, without noticing that it will be a shop, a truly cross-industry one.

Lots of folks want to go selling on-line. Humans want to stay in contact with their clients. Obviously humans need a domainname when creating an on-line site of any kind. Could we make this a great experiance and actually put our ressources into making it great instead of just being an established gambler who was forever in the domainspace that everyone reluctantly uses?

There are many folks who were there at the beginning of the web, and there are some quite large companies that were founded there that didn't somehow modernise and maintain the levels of technology investments that a smaller emerging company like us or some of our competition would do.

Squarespace's mission - this mission of esthetics is important, designing is important, style is important - this includes getting all the detail right. That'?s what good designs are all about. So I went down the road to Barista, this (Portland based) cafe. You hire guys with a certain esthetic sensitivity.

We want humans, if possible, to have a mindset of creativity in humans, and we want humans to be able to appreciate the value we offer humans, what we do with aesthetic. We' re looking for great questioners, really good minds, modest minds with imaginative sparks.

It is currently focused in New York. However, we do have a design engineering guy (and) a design guy who is out here from the New York office because he began in New York and the life style out here is really what he wanted for his family. but we don't do the prime rental out here.

We have a main focus around web sites and that's great, but there are so many (possibilities) in domain names or newsletter or in trade. We have a great deal of work to do in other countries to make Squarespace better known. We knew this would be important from the beginning and we designed the latest version in a postal iPhone age.

Are you feeling squeezed by guys saying I'm only gonna have one Facebook page? Think you could get away with very small things, but we didn't see anyone showing their domains on Facebook and agreeing to give up on controlling their contents and audiences.

So if you've just put money into addressing following people on your Facebook page and then Facebook awakens to what they've done and says, "It's our opinion that it's very important to be on Facebook. Facebook is very important for you.

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