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You can use your Squarespace Stripe account to collect payments on your mobile device. Okay, I got you a new one, Squarespace! have an account on square-up and want to display all items( products) of my square-up on my square-up website. so anyone can lead.

Space-integrated with POS solutions

Everyone, Currently our Backstein & Motor Shop has no integrations with our on-line shop from the POS system we use. It' very frustrating and takes a lot of your breath. We' ve been looking for a move to a new POS, but they all need a move to a new e-commerce site. It is not perfect because we have an existing website & e-commerce with space and do not want to leave it because it is timeconsuming and costly.

Squarespace is also the best place for our work. Is Squarespace interoperable with any POS system in retailing, are there formic integration or APIs to enable this, or will this functionality be available soon? We' ve been using Squarespace for over 7 years and don't know what to do to get away from it, but it looks like we have no option!

For me, Squarespace loves to run everything under one umbrella, i.e. they will not merge with a POS, but create their own (who knows when). I' m currently having the same problem and as my store grows, I'm thinking about going on and leaving Squarespace behind.

Can you tell me if your Clover POS is integrated with your Clover POS or not? Can you tell me what I need to put at your disposal to create the website on your platforms? Otherwise, there are other choices you can suggest so I can have my website and reflect what we have in stock.

Can a POS system be integrated into Squarespace?

At the moment (April 2018) this is not possible with Squarespace. The participants of this board volunteer their own times to help you. Once we have answered your query properly, please confirm the response by accepting it by pressing the button below (you will see it when you are signed in). In case an reply does not help, you are welcome to ask for further help or just sit back and watch other board members post their comment and/or reply.

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