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Prices per square metre

No live rates available for Squarespace. You will find instructions for setting up packages here: Premium Feature Squarespace today announces a price plan shift, prices remain unchanged, but they shifted some of the functions away from the staff plan and towards the company plan. Although I have learned the need for Squarespace to adjust its prices to its commercial objectives, in my own personal opinion it has never been a good policy to remove functionality from an established and beloved offering and take clients to a higher level in order to maintain that functionality.

It is a kind of economy drive and has created a poor flavour for those of us who are both impassioned followers of Squarespace and impassioned champions of our own customers. Many of us felt so angry because we are sole proprietors and what influences our own company has a direct and personal impact on us so that our feelings can run high.

Square Space made a commercial choice. While it means clients have to charge more for certain functions, Squarespace on a larger scale still offers a classy, user-friendly and feature-rich 24/7 supporting experience, all at a fair price for creatives and small companies.

Still I like them as a plattform and as a company! However, this is perhaps one of the most important lesson I learn myself over and over again: There are costs involved in managing a company, and as a conscientious owner I have to make decisions about what is important to me and my company and how much I am willing to spend.

I think an $216 per annum charge for a good looking, well working and 24/7 professionally maintained website is still a good and rewarding commercial return enhancement that will multiply your return. Please note: Previous schedules and tests begun on or before November 30, 2017 are capitalized and will maintain their previous characteristics.

These changes mean that the following functions are now regarded as premiums and are only available for Business & Online Store plans: Preregistered boundary was reversed and that's what you get now on this plan: All of the above mentioned premiums and personal benefits are included in this schedule, plus the fact that the real price has not decreased and is as follows (in USD):

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