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"Our business, which is made up of a business group, uses Squarespace for each of our major sites. This is the first place where anyone would look for information about our produce. It contains all our contacts, information on our range of software solutions, our software, our software, our services, our services, our downloads, pictures, maps and galleries.

They ensure that all possible information about our company and our product is readily available and readily available, both to our clients and to our field representatives. Currently we have 5 different Squarespace locations, one for each of our businesses. All of them are connected in a single Managers Access and can be modified and upgraded by the Site Managers and those with access data.

Gallery - These are sturdy and neat. It can be customized and configurated according to your needs to present the high value pictures that businesses are producing. Because we are less a domestic commodity, we do not use it in our businesses. Page creation - As a beginner, I can modify and update our pages without the need for expensive webmasters.

Pictures - Although the galleries feature is rugged and customizable, I notice that when I place pictures directly on page layout, the program often changes the sizes or adapts the picture to the original. Often I wish I could specify the picture sizes directly with the pixels to make sure they don't move or change in scale, which can make lower resolutions look blurred.

Side bars - almost all of Squarespace's latest styles have NO integrated side bar options. It is something we like to use because it keeps the most recent notes we want to split viewable on all pages without having to modify every page. Folder and Indexing - Squarespace currently has the capability to create drop-down lists by making folder with pages.

You cannot also create an index, a gallery or an image file in a file, which means that our items cannot be divided into their file name. Square space is more suitable for simple locations. When you need to create intricate interlinked arteries and pages, it's not for you.

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