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Quadratic responsiveness

Can I customize the responsive style sheet for my portable website? I hope I can customize how the portable style sheet represents the H1 tags. I chose a big, fat cover page for my cover, but when it appears on the phone, the style sheet causes the words to crack abnaturally. I would be happy if the text would be resized to an appropriate size, similar to how the Bedford submission works.

It may be necessary to customize the "1.8em" to be smaller or bigger.

Pages and blocks layouts changes on mobiles - Squarespace Help

They are smaller (and usually narrower) than desktops. In order to keep your website readable and avoid having to tweak, zoom and scan your website to see your contents, the appealing Squarespace block designs stack vertical onto your portable deviceutomatically. You can move a block using the scenario in this manual and in the movie if the block on the phone is not aligned the way you want it to be.

See this movie to see how it works and how you can change your layouts for the best portable display: It is recommended that you edit your website in your own View and test how it looks on your own machine. Because everyone's layouts are different, experimentation and previews of your website is the best way to fine-tune your layouts until you get a look that you like and that looks great on all your equipment.

Once a block takes up the entire width of a page (without a block on either side), the block stacks vertical on portable equipment and keeps the page's topology. The addition of a block to the right or right of another block generates a column on a page. Multi-column pages are great on desktops but can be difficult to view on portable computers.

In order to make the contents more easily available, Squarespace moves the second, third and extra column under the first one on portable terminals. This means that the column on the phone moves from horizontally to vertically. When you have three picture packs in a horizontally arranged line, they are stacked on top of each other from side to side.

When you have three picture blocs in a line with text blocs under each describing each picture, each picture bloc is piled its associated text bloc in the portable screen below, followed by the next picture. For more complex designs, where some areas have different columns than others, you still have complete command over how the pads are arranged on your phone.

There are policies for attaching blocs that show how the blocs are arranged. When a policy has the length of a next blocking next to it, this will tell Squarespace to merge the two blocking elements on all displays. In order to stack a stack with another stack, move the stack using dragging and dropping when the guide line (the horizontally aligned line) reaches the length of the other stack.

Hovering text in a text area ( for example, pictures enclosed in text) is displayed in the portable screen above the text area. For more information about moveable text boxes, see Move boxes. Hint: If there is not enough text to enclose the text area, the text area will be displayed next to the text area. You can fix this by dragging the pad to make sure that it does not float in the text if pads appear erroneously above the text in Portable Text mode.

Distance holder pads are faded out for most originals on the phone automatic.

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