Squarespace Scam

Scarespace Fraud

When you have a Squarespace account or are using MailChimp, it may be that they. I' ve got a questionable e-mail. It' from Squarespace? - Square help

Often these e-mails are presented as trustworthy enterprises like Squarespace. When you receive a questionable e-mail that appears to be from us - or another organization that claims to be affiliated with us - do not click on a link or respond to the e-mail. Instead, consider notifying your e-mail service providers of this e-mail. It is recommended to activate Google recapcha to make it more complicated for spammers to get in touch with you.

Request your banking details, user name, passwords, national insurance number or name. A strong sound or the assertion that your balance is at risk. E-mail with a verification of your billing information to you. Type error in From e-mail adress. It' usual to see something like customersupport@squareespace.com (typo). Suspect hypertext sites that do not point to www.squarespace.com.

When you are not sure whether an e-mail is part of Squarespace, check it against this mailing lists of approved e-mail addresses: We may ask for information to validate your bank details when you sign up with us, such as the last four numbers of your bank transfer. They should never disclose this information unless it comes from a known and trusted source.

Do not click on hyperlinks or pictures. Don't answer that. Modify your passwords for all potentially affected users, such as Squarespace or Stripe. When you are worried that a specific bank statement has been compromised, please go to the website for that statement (go to the address directly in your web page, not via email) and get in touch with the technical assistance group.

Don't give out your credentials. Don't ever e-mail your keyword or sensible information, no matter how compelling the sound. When one of your passcodes is at risk, the others are secure. Don't think an e-mail comes from a business just because it contains the corporate emblem or its name will appear in your mailbox as "From".

Check out the secure protection for your user accounts to find out more about the protection of Squarespace accounts.

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