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Search block adds a search field to your website. Use of the search block - Square help Search block will add a search box to your website. Customize the search block to display results from anywhere on your site or restrict results to one summary. As with any search machine, search block results are predicated on the caliber of the contents on your site. In order to enhance the results in the search block, we suggest that you add detailed and detailed title, description, excerpt, tag, category, filename and tag contents to your website.

To see a complete listing of the page contents indicated for search, see Add search to your site. Search from the dropdown box. See How to Add a Block for more information. The search box lets you decide whether you want to allow results from your entire website or restrict the results to a particular group. In order to enable results from anywhere on your site, keep the Search Specific Page check box inactive.

If you want to restrict the results to a particular set, mark Search Specific Page. Choose the contents you want the search block to search. Choose a blog page, gallery page, event page or product page. The following example searches the search block only on the blog page. It is recommended to verify this to allow faster search results retrieval.

On the Display page, choose Bright or Darkness to adjust the appearance of the search button and the border of the panel on your website. Darkness is suggested for locations with a bright background. Illumination is suggested for locations with a background of darkness. If you want to use the search block, position the mouse in the search area and start input.

Search looks similar: When you press return after the search, a search results page opens. Suggested pages are displayed with a thumbnail, excerpt, and/or excerpt. Is it possible to include a location-wide search block at the top of my site? You cannot insert a search block above the page contents, but you can insert a search block to single pages.

Header Content area is a good place to put it if your templates contains it. It is also possible to include a "Search" shortcut to your integrated search page in your main navigation or wherever shortcuts are used. Initially, build a custom address by adding /search to the end of your full address to make it look like this:

Then, insert the link to an outside hyperlink in your browser or elsewhere, such as a text hyperlink, buttons pad, or buttons in a specific browser context. Can' t see the text I type into the search box. The search blocks are preset to search in the topic Darkness by standard. When the page wallpaper is dim, the search text is displayed.

Much the same can occur if the page wallpaper is blank and the search box is adjusted to the topic lighting.

Make sure that the contents we index for the search contain words in your search request. We will try to re-start the search of your website on our page.

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