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Safety hints to protect your bankroll - Squarespace Help On Squarespace we take security very seriously. In order to take further action to secure your Account and Website, we encourage you to follow these best practice guidelines. An easily guessable passphrase will leave your Squarespace user profile - and any user profile that uses the same passphrase - at risk. As soon as someone has guessed your passphrase, they can login to your bankroll, gain control of your personal information, do damage, or even rob you.

Squarespace gives you full access to your Squarespace login information. Think about using a Passwordmanager application that will generate and save your accidental passphrases. In this way, you don't have to try to memorize each and every one of your user IDs or save them in an unsecure file. For information on how to reset your passphrase, please refer to the reset your passphrase for your area.

Please be aware that this will give you full passwords to all Squarespace pages in your area. Please refresh your passwords at least every few month. If you are updating your passphrase, do not use a passphrase that you have used in the past. Do not give your passwords to anyone, not even someone you know. Rather than having to use the same accounts with another individual or a different group, there are other options:

Anyone who needs permission to visit your site can have their own account. In order for someone to see a home page without giving them permission to edit it, you can secure the page with a different one. Having a powerful passphrase will help with security, but the best defence against unauthorised entry is to add two-factor authentication. What's more, you can add a two-factor security system to your system.

As soon as it is activated, you must send a unique identifier message to an Authentifier application on your portable before you can login. That means that someone who guessed your passcode can only login if they also have your phone. Dual FACThentication of Squarespace relies on an authentification application such as Google Authenticator. However, the Squarespace authentification process does not require any authentification.

There are no code sent by e-mail or SMS. Everyone who has a Contribution User for your site should enable two-factor authentification. In order to start, please go to Secure your Moneybookers using two-factor authentication. It is recommended to use two-factor authentification for every single shared server that you use to provide it, at least for shared servers that you can link to Squarespace, such as

Telephishing e-mails pose as trustworthy businesses such as Squarespace in an attempt to mislead you into disclosing your personally identifiable information. When you receive a questionable e-mail that appears to be from us - or another organization that claims to be related to us - do not click on any link, respond to the e-mail, or upload any attachments. In order to detect a phone tic e-mail, look for an urgency sound, request your passwords or home information, forged e-mail address, and link that does not link to www.squarespace.com.

Once you have linked or down-loaded something, immediately reset your passwords, monitor your banking history for unauthorised transaction and notify your e-mail service providers. Please check back for more hints I have got a questionable e-mail. It' from Squarespace? You should consider deleting a participant if they are idle or no longer need your site.

In this way, if his bank accounts are compromise d, the attacker will not be able to login to your site because his bank accounts will be cut off. For more information, see Remove a Collaborator. When you forget to sign out of a computer that is open to the general public, lose your phone, or think someone has signed in to your computer without your consent, you can coerce one or all of your phones to sign out.

The logon procedure is terminated and the next logon requires the input of a new passphrase. You can also separate your portable applications from your bankroll. When you have dropped your cell phones, anyone who tries to open a Squarespace Mobil application on them can't see your accounts or use the application unless they are logged in.

Configure your OS and browser to upgrade to the latest version with the latest security capabilities. For more information, see Supported Browser. Keep your anti-virus on your machine up to date and tune it to automatic updating. Round-the-clock, our security, technical and operational crews work to track uncommon behaviour on our platforms.

We recommend that if you are a security expert or security investigator, you let us know if you have found a security issue on our security page.

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