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Serviceprodukte - Square help Squarespace is a class of services, consulting, events without physically purchased ticket, or other services that you provide. There is no need for your customer to either purchase your product for shipment or provide a delivery location at the check-out. See the section entitled Basic Goods for goods, clothing, and other tangible goods. Mp3s and other digitale downloading, please see our range of Digitale Related Items.

If you are going to create a new item on a products page, choose Service. You can use the Name, Picture, and Descriptions boxes to include information for your products. In order to attach pictures to a specific item, click the Upload pictures arrows in the picture box or pull pictures from your computer. Create more than one picture of the products and adjust the display of the pictures with the Style Editor.

It is not possible to link certain pictures with variations. Tip: On the Options page, you can specify a miniature view picture of the item to display the item in areas on your website such as Item Bloc, Summary Bloc, and the Item Window. You can use tags + and category + to organise your items. Once you have added a category to a category, the category will automatically navigate your pages.

For more information, see Organize your organization. Each category must contain 25 or less signs. Tag and category are case-sensitive. If you enter for example apple, an apple and APLES, three tag or category will be created. Tag and category are displayed in an alphabetic order. Use the Prices & Variants page to set attribute values for your specific item. Any of the following service related option can be defined:

This is the stock identification for your SKU products. The Squarespace will create one automatic, but you can modify it into an SKU that fits your existing schema. Up to 100 SCUs can be contained in a unit. Rate - Set the rate your customer will be charged for the item, with extra selling option.

In order to avoid more than one of the services products being purchased by a customer at a given point, you can disable the dropdown menu for quantities in the checkout settings. Variations are alternative version of a produkt with different attribute like colour or sizing. An individual item can have up to 100 variations. Variant users can use drop-down lists to select one of the available products.

For more information, see Creating Fundamental Variant Scenarios. To post the item on your item page, click Saving & Publishing. As a result, the item is marked as for sale. In order to plan the item for later publication in your online shop, click Saving ( but not Saving & Publishing). For more information, see Planning Your Production.

In addition to the basic features, you can include other features to further customize your services offering, such as a verbose explanation, a customized information gathering tool, pictures, and customized button settings. For more information, please go to the home page, adding your own stores guides.

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