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Registering for your Squarespace account is easy. Use of the stationery pad - Square help A stationery pad inserts a blank page to gather information from users. The stationery pad allows you to build a Contacts Forms, Surveys, Surveys, Surveys, Registration Forms, Applications, and more. The Squarespace does not save any information transmitted in the stationery pad. Choose a save method to make sure you get forms templates.

HIPAA is not supported by the Formblock and the Squarespace platforms.

For problems with the stationery pad, see Troubleshooting Stationery Pad Problems. Choose Shape from the drop-down list. See How to Add a Block for more information. Type a name for your stationery in the Stationery Name field. Your name will only appear for a visitor if you configure the shape so that it opens in a luminous area.

Otherwise the visitor will not see the name of the request page. Tip: If you have more than one Contacts on Squarespace, we suggest that you use a unique name to help us recognize the submission of them. There are four standard entry blocks in the stationery pad to help you get up and running. Each of these boxes can be deleted by dragging the garbage cans.

Press the+ at the bottom to insert new boxes. Notice: There is a limitation of 30 boxes for MailChimp related blanks. Choose a box from the drop-down list. For more information about the available input boxes and their usage suggestions, see the explanations for the input boxes. Every input box has different settings.

As an example, the Choose box generates a drop-down list. Each stationery pad requires at least one memory setting associated with the Memory page of the pad. In this way, the stationery pad is told where to submit the templates so that you can gather and edit them. For more information, see Manage Forms and Save Newsletters.

You can use the Enhanced page to customise the Send pushbutton, attach a text or HTML body after sending, or adjust the shape to open in a light box. For more information, see Enhanced Stationery Pad Printing Option. Once you have saved the pad, you can reCAPTCHA Google to help decrease your spamming. Before posting, users must demonstrate that they are not a robot, which prevents spammers from posting the submissions.

For more information, see Add Google resCAPTCHA to stationery pads. You can use Shape & Button Conversions to see how your users interact with your Shape and Button Conversions. Monitor the rates of your submitted blanks by comparing the number of times a blanks have been called with the number of blanks it has had.

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