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Best One Page Websites The creation of a custom website doesn't have to be difficult. Actually, it doesn't even have to be more than one page. To prove that a one-page website can really make your persona and your business experience glow, we have collected 24 of our favourites. Inspire them, get a few expert hints from their achievements, and then obey our directions to create your own one-page website in no time at all.

While there might be some more info-like hyperlinks to his work rehearsals or community sites where you can find out more about him, this is a great example of a site that could get up really quickly and work on something more solid (I'm speaking of 10 min, especially if you're using a one-page website submission like Squarespace's coversheets).

It brings the easy to land page to the next layer with the additional softkeys at the bottom. They get a fundamental feel for Gamache's work and aesthetics and then have many opportunities to further investigate his work. Tricky animation and styling certainly make this base site stand out, but what we like more is the way Slawek gets closer to his copy - like a little liftpitch (complete with full link to the places he's worked), giving you a full overview of his carreer in two brief sections.

Gardner uses this easy page to easily link to the many current project she's working on without asking too much of the viewers. Although Oconnell is a creator and probably has a rather stunning collection to show, he does not house his work here. Instead, he keeps it easy, but with a little bit of character, and then allows folks to discover his work on the most interested societal level.

Often the most potent thing you can do on your own website is to create a great image of yourself that allows individuals to associate with you as a individual and make you look like someone they want to work with. Selecting a light photograph of herself, Franklin compensates for the ease of the other half of her website and ends up with a lively page that makes everyone want to do more.

Besides, it's unbelievably easy to use Squarespace's Spotlight coversheet for the artwork, the most difficult part of the project is to write your biography! Machmeyer is teaching us all an important lesson-the chosen photograph does not always have to be "professional" in the conventional meaning. Simply obey Strobel's example and create a shared website with a colorful backdrop and miniature picture.

With the help of scroll these persons were able to put several pages of information into a longer one-page website. When you have a great deal of information to gather, this could be a great idea - just think hard about how you can organise your information so that it will feel coherent to someone who reads the page below.

The site is certainly gorgeous (built with Squarespace's Alex template!), but what we like more is how Marpe narrates her tale as you browse down the page and create a convincing tale about her career past - and where she wants to go next. There' a great deal we like about Riley let us have a look at his website, but our favourite is how he shows his work while at the same time maintaining things coherent and coherent as you move down the page.

Haas uses the different parts of this single page to combine the different parts of himself - such as typing and talking. Using the top toolbar makes it easier for us to find what we're looking for, or we can just scrolling if we just want to surf.

It is a great example of a website built on a more formal curriculum vitae that gives us a straightforward but eye-catching look at Garza's skills and past experience, as well as providing us with interesting hyperlinks to her write clippings to find out more. Okay, Harris has more than one page from a technical point of view, since each example in her book refers to a page with more details.

What we really like is that you can get just about any information you want from this homepage. What we particularly like is how your file can be filtered by subject so you get a clear picture of the capabilities it has to deliver. Although Mazur's website is quite brief and easy, it offers many ways to navigate, such as the top menubar and links in the opening text.

As a good memory, sometimes even though folks might just be scrolling down to find out more, you need to guide them to the information they need to see. When you look at these pages, you will never again think the sentence "only one page". On top, it looks like a fairly normal face-to-face website, gathering Benson's Twitter and medium feedback to give them a feel for their interests and thoughts.

However, when you scrolls down to his singular "life by week" abstract and then his "codex vitae" of everything he has learnt and thought all his lifelong, you really see how he is able to absorb great things and organise them into interesting things. It is more eye-catching than a regular CV or covering note, but will feel more personally involved with the work than a regular face-to-face website.

Durlak uses illustration to direct our attention to the most important things about her and then uses a basic colour chart to keep the consistency across the page. It is a great opportunity for individuals not only to associate with her as a pro, but also to get a feel for her own interests.

Unusual animation and scroll functions make it really funny to discover, but for those who don't have tech snippets you can still get something from the website: A website doesn't have to be long and complicated to be amazing. DaVeid gives only three examples of her work and a rather brief biography and keeps her designs with only three colours and a few typefaces easy.

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