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Ten beautiful modern websites created with square footage. I need to go look at this place now. I' m currently on Blogger, but about to switch to Squarespace. Quadratic room - looks like a fairly easy CMS that can do some good things. It should be mentioned that although I am a very skilled UX/Visual Designer type, I hardly optimized my SQLSPC templates.

Hello Jeff: What did you use for http://jmcreative.com/?? Lovely listing, some great design. Squarespace has been used both for our own website and for our customers and we are very excited about the previous site. I' ve just started my website with Squarespace and couldn't be more happy with it! Being a serious Squarespace technology enthusiast, it was very simple to get a neat, well-designed website up and running in no time.

Thank you for reviewing other pages, I will review them now! Also I like this site very much on Squarespace. This is my own website (static displays) on SS and I like it, but totally unsuited for magazines without major adjustments and designs. Competitors have everything off the peg....I don't want to go anywhere else...give us some useful Squarespace template! we recently started our web shop on Squarespace. for a quick launch, it's astonishing.

Have you used an already created squarespace pattern or did a web developer edit your web page more proficient? I' m asking you because I see many detail added that are not included in any SS templates by standard. Remember the warehouse administration, the multi-level navigations and we also wanted to modify some aspect of the designs, and SS didn't allow us to.

Thank you, has anyone seen samples of Squarespace pages with some more text in them? I just think that these template are suitable for image-based websites that work on multiple machines. However, from the point of views of the searching machine, Squarespace does not seem to be suitable for text- and typography-based websites.

Once I thought about switching to Squarespace, especially because of the simplicity with which you can seemingly make very visual web sites, but I also quickly got the feeling that text-heavy, SEO-friendly blogs are simpler to administer on a WordPress environment. For me Squarespace was nothing less than stunning.

It' very user-friendly and if you know a little programming, you can easily create your own custom designs. hey, i like your website, what kind of pattern did you use? Thanks, I use the pattern named Avenue. Sites on this page are a little out of date. Now Squarespace has much better artwork (and has simply been upgraded to a much better surface this year) - I would definitely suggest it via WordPress for anyone looking for a basic blog or on-line retailer.

Do not hesitate to visit my website to get a better impression of their new template. Nice compilation, but as I said, a little outdated, Squarespace always releases new stuff and so on, I'm sure we can find some really smart design now! I also wanted to tell you about https://www.bablic. com, it's really the simplest way to compile a Squarespace website, you can read the Tutorial here:

Sites look fantastic! I' ve been considering beginning a page with squares for a few month... maybe that's the best part. I want to switch to a new one, but I don't have enough spare manpower to do it myself. I' ve used Squarespace for the layout of my website and I really like it!

Thinking of WordPress, I simply loved the cleanliness and modernity of the Squarespace design. Just want to use SS for blogs for now, and was wondering what mask you've used? Lovely compilation of websites. The Squarespace seems to be a good option for those looking for a visual orientated website.

Those pages are great. Although the pages you mention that run on Squarespace look stunning. A few beautiful minimalistic styles. It' fresh to see some quadratic shapes that are actually harmless to the eyes. The quadratic aerospace stage is great, but tends to involve humans in the overall desig.

Some of these themes I liked, especially the Tian Studios. Thanks for sharing all these good website themes for us. On Squarespace I began a weblog about the relocation of NYC to a small city in Indiana with less than 3,000 inhabitants. Personally I like the look and feel of Squarespace and the service I get there is quite astonishing....

Can I find a Squarespace blogger fellowship that talks about it? I' d like to see other great Squarespace blog posts! Here are some stunning sites! I' ve been using Squarespace for years and couldn't be more happy with the way it goes forward. Living in the Bahamas, I have trouble locating plug-ins for my firm, but there was a firm here named Jarafel Designs that developed a plug-in for me.

Visit also https://www.modernhuntsman.co. It is based on the Haute-Thema. Website square design looks great and astonishing!

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