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very slow moving cursor to picture-hard page I uploaded my tenth picture gallary and the editing is very slow and hard. Neither of my galeries is above the maximum frame number, and all my pictures are maximum 1500px width, each close to 500KB. Everything else on the web seems to work well, so it's not my link.

Problems in checking lateral velocity - Square help

Site analytics such as Google's PageSpeed Insights offer proposals and best practice for accelerating a site's loading times. They are useful for encoding your own website, but can give deceptive results for websites on CMS plattforms like Squarespace. Briefly, you don't have to be concerned about PageSpeed Insights as there may be wrong negative results.

These guidelines explain why this is the case and provide step-by-step instructions on how to enhance loading performance where it counts. The PageSpeed Insights searches for items in the website html file that usually slow down the loading process. For the analysis of a squarespace site, this utility uses integrated into each squarespace site integrated plattform coding. The JavaScript and JavaScript codes do not really slow down your loading process, but they are always marked during page-testing.

All Squarespace pages are continuously improved and optimised by our engineers using the best web standard and the latest technologies. Because our CMS platforms do most of the programming and infrastructural work for your website, you don't have to care about your PageSpeed Insights results. The Squarespace is already optimised for MEO. We can and will search your Squarespace website, regardless of your rankings in this utility.

In order to get an impression of the real download times of your website, use the Pingdom or the integrated webserver. Launch the developer utilities. Reload the page to view the download timeout. When a page on your website loads slow, you can increase its download speed by following these hints.

Excessively large picture file sizes or excess contents on a page are the most frequent causes of slow website loads. Enhancing the download speed of your website will not necessarily increase your PageSpeed Insights scores. Once you've made all the changes, you can review your pages using Pingdom or the integrated web inspector in your web browsers to see if your download speeds have increased.

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