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Try your site speed: Tips for WordPress and Squarespace. Is Squarespace able to help my highly frequented website? - Square help

Square Space is housed on our server and all our web pages can handle a significant number of visitors. Since your website is becoming increasingly popular, it is backed by the same supporting infrastructures that maintain the many web pages that already receive billions of page views per month. Even though no single site can ensure 100% availability, we have an excellent record for operating high-frequency Web pages.

Our own website, for example, is a squarespace site, and it is operated from the same infrastructural facilities that we make available to our clients. You can find samples of other highly frequented Squarespace pages on our customer page. Our methodologies for protecting our clients include periodic PCI DSS compliant vulnerability scanning and the use of industry-specific and propriety protection mechanisms against intrusion, DDoS attack and other weaknesses.

Excessive contents, especially large picture attachments, can cause your website to still slow down, especially on portable computers. In order to avoid this, read our hints in My page will slow down downloading and keep your Squarespace page mobile-friendly. For a full listing of Squarespace's functionality, privacy policy and general conditions, please click here:

What is My Website Speed?

Every web site owner knows that it smells when a website needs a long period of loading. It' not only will a slower website take more of your website's life for a site owner to buy your products or view this new item you have written, but it will end up giving your site owners a poor consumer' viewing experience every day.

What is My Website Speed? Back then I realized that we registered a large number of fonts file downloads, but we only use 1 fonts on our own website. This is because if you "test" a new typeface in your square-style edit box or if the pattern has a standard setting for a pad that you don't see, it actually loads that typeface every times someone views your site (even if you didn't display it on your site).

This load sequencing will slow down the speed of your site and may cause your site traffic to click on another site that looks faster. Holding this newly found information in my hands, I reviewed some of the other Squarespace sites we had created in the past and asked myself what optimizations I could make to help increase all their loadspeed.

The result was a unique design with the clever name "Squarespace Font Optimizer". "Squarespace Font optimizer is a free website optimization utility we've developed that can enhance the power of your website in seconds. They are all described on the Font optimizer page, but the fundamental procedure consists of download the Style Pack JSON of your Squarespace page and upload it to the Optimizer, select the font to disable, re-download your new super-fast Style Pack, and upload it to your website.

With 5 simple flicks, you can get rid of all the junk typefaces that slow down your loading work. Having done another free Pingdom Speed test to see the improvement, we definitely saw some improvement and wanted to split this with everyone! Our loading speed was 5 x less and our loading speed dropped by half a second with more than 3 x less requests.

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