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replies Establish your square up marketplace. Please copy your new access key. Insert your square up widget into this area. If you click "Edit" in the source you can modify any of the text colours to suit your website mark. There is a nice store now on your website in the Widget.

The customer is only forwarded to your market place on the square after the end inspection. When you need to make changes to what is displayed on-line, those changes will be made to your square up area. All changes are updated automaticaly in the Widget. Squares has made a contribution about incorporating items into other locations, but it would be a long time to call it "integration", as you will still be sliding your spectators to your store on the grounds of Squares.

I didn't have the "Business Settings - Promote - Menu Embed" checkbox when I signed in to my squareup.com area. Build your storefront. Allows you to generate your product list, product list, service list, donation list, photo list, contacts, locations, return policies, etc., etc. There is a badge I used (Go to the store -->).

I' ve also set up a slave through my own web hosting company and connected it to this front page. E.g. "store.yoursitename.com" - will help maintain consistence as you can split this sub-zone on Facebook, Twitter etc. instead of another squareup.com-zone.

Add a Favicon or Browsers symbol - Square Space Help

This is a small square picture that appears next to the page heading in web browsing tabbed pages and elsewhere on the web. The addition of a customized favicon makes your site visible in a web browsing experience full of tabbed or bookmarked pages. The Squarespace pages begin with our standard Javaavicon.

Leaving it as it is, folks who know the symbol will realize that you are part of the Squarespace audience. It can be replaced with your own picture to better match the look and feel of your website. In order to include a favicon in the pure cover page layout (discontinued), please go to Finalizing touch for a Cover Page layout.

Browse down to the browsers icon (favicon) and drop your picture into the picture loader or click on the picture loader to choose a picture from your computer. Click Saving after uploading your images. When your favoricon is not updated immediately, we suggest that you clear your web browsers and restart your web browsers. Show notes:

Liveaboard doesn't show favoricons.

Whilst some browser supports bigger favoricon sizes, all do. It is recommended to use a .ico or .png picture as your favorite one. However, some editions of IE may have problems viewing.png as a favoricon. Favoricon images must not contain more than 100 Kbytes. In order to properly load your favicon, use a separate copy of the picture and delete other copies from the picture archive.

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