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The Squarespace Start is an app that lets you back up a domain and create a one-page Squarespace website directly from your mobile device, so you can start your project as soon as you think of it. Now Portfolio synchronizes your galleries when you launch the app. Start Squarespace App - Squarespace Help The Squarespace Start App allows you to build and maintain a one-page website with your portable part. The use of the Start app is a similar experiencing as creating a cover page on a desktops, simplifying for the phone. Please note: The Start app is no longer available and cannot be used.

The Start app can still be used on your machine if you have already used it.

This app is perfect for new and long-term Squarespace-clients. New to Squarespace, the app is perfect for getting to know the fundamentals and getting a feeling for what it's like to create a Squarespace website. When you have a Squarespace user name, use the app to create a new one-page website or display and modify your own cover pages.

Please note: The app does not fully endorse multipage sites or shops. In order to work with a multi-page website or an associated cover page, sign in to your website on a webtop. Every website begins with a 14-day free evaluation version. 14 workdays later you can update to a chargeable account. Once you have upgraded to a chargeable domain, you can buy a Squarespace domain to further customise your website.

Android Start app needs Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher. Start App for iPhone 9.0 or later required and works with iPhone (iPhone 5S and later) and iPod Touch (6th generation). The Start App allows you to build a one-page website with a similar look and feel as a cover page.

By logging into your one-page website on a single screen on a single screen on your computer screen, you get the convenience of a title page, plus additional layout options and styles enhancements. If you are switching to a pay per use site, your one-page site will be on the cover page schedule. When you have a one-page website in your affiliate accounts with non-supported functions, the website will have a "Desktop Only" flag in the app.

In order to modify these Web pages, sign in to your Web site on a Web browser screen. Once you have opened the Start app, view the introductory movie and obey the instructions to login to your user accounts or start a new one. When you already have one-page web pages in your affiliate bankroll, you will see previews of your current web pages.

In order to build a new website, touch the field with the number +. Touch the previews mini image to display an exisiting website.

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