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Press the Start With button. New Beginning - Square Help You have several ways to start over with your website, according to how much of your contents and lifestyles you want to keep. Change to a new website theme - Keep the entire contents of your website, but select a new look and feel. Reserve your entire website contents, but return to the initial templates preferences.

Launch a new evaluation - Work on a new website while your existing website remains in use. Since your contents cannot be transferred between websites, this is a good choice if you want to start from scratch. Re-install the preset - Keep the contents of your existing website, but remove any changes you made to the Style Editor, Style Editor Navigator, Sidebar, and Header.

Erase your website contents - Erase contents you have added to your website while leaving the styles on. You can change your site to try a new look or feel or a templatespecific function on the same site. View a previewer of the new preset and try out the styles before making changes on your website first.

It can be helpful to learn about a template's singular properties when selecting a new one. Hint: When you preview a preset, you will see some changes on your site. Benefit from various templates and styles. Keep all pages and contents except for some templatespecific functions such as footer lines. If you don't like the new style, go back to your old one.

On the Start menu, click Design, and then click Templates. Select Install New template. Once you've found one you like, click the Start With icon. From the Templates area, move your mouse over the new Templates and click Previous. Your website visitor will not see any changes in styles while the artwork is in previews view only.

From the Pages pane, clear the demonstration pages and move your own pages from the Not Links pane to the main menu or other panes. Explore the Styles Editor settings to create your new look. If you' re happy to release your new website theme, click Make it a living one.

Restore the optimized templates to their default values. Font, wallpaper, space, color, and other styling will be displayed as they were when the original artwork was first used. Nothing changes the contents of your website. Restore your optimizations to the default settings of the templates. Keep all pages and contents.

In order to restore the Style Editor, click on Design in the Start menu and then on Style Editor. Browse down and click Restore Style to Defaults. Check the acknowledgment and click Cancel. Once you have saved the Style Editor, your style sheet will be returned to the standard formats. Hint: After you have saved and quit the Style Editor, you cannot undo this modification.

When your website is in the testing phase, launching a new study is the fastest way to start over. You start over. Working on a new website while your initial website is up. Transmit pages or page contents. Launch a new 14-day evaluation version. For the new evaluation version, use the same e-mail as your existing website to make sure you can move your customized domain names later.

You must submit all of the contents from your existing website that you want to keep by hand. Make URL redirections from old pages to new pages to prevent incorrect hyperlinks. This is a more advanced way of reverting back to the Style Editor, you can remove and re-install your style sheet to remove all changes made in the Style Editor.

Re-installing your pattern will allow some trial contents to be restored. Erase all changes you have made in the Style Editor, Navigate, Page Bar, and Page Header. Keep all pages and contents. Please note: Before uninstalling a preset, make sure it is not interrupted. In order to rerun your existing installation, you must provisionally try to run another installation. Hint: This will be your default preset while you are resetting your other preset.

When your site is not password-protected, your users will see the demonstration contents of the temp file while you complete this operation. On the Home menu, click Design, and then click Submit. Select Install New Template. Select any of the templates and click the Start With icon. From the Templates area, mouse over the temp and click Preview.

Click Make a Live Sample in the bottom of your website display screen bar. Move the mouse over the initial pattern and click Uninstall, then click Confirm. Again, click Install New template. Reselect the source document. Press the Start With key. From the Templates pane, mouse over the Templates, click Preview, and then click Make this a preset movie.

It will now go online with its initial styles and demos. All pages and contents deleted. Reboot with the same pattern. Maintain your stylesettings. In order to eliminate contents from your website: Click Pages in the Start menu. In order to eliminate contents from the page preferences, such as a page header or page descriptions, click on the pinion symbol.

If you want to delete contents from a page, click the page in the Page pane, and then use the notes in the page previews to manipulate the page.

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