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Discount student websites - Create a website - Squarespace 90 percent of first images pass on-line. Whether you're building a web site for portfolios, an on-line CV or a category development program, our all-in-one solution gives you everything you need to take complete charge of your web site and own your results. Receive a 50% discount on your first full year on Squarespace by registering with your university e-mail adress.

Rebate applicable when purchasing a new Squarespace website site plan. For more information, please refer to our Squarespace Educational Programme manual. Come to your local schools to see if they are part of our training programme. Immediate interpersonal integration, as well as advanced search, dialogue and contacts make it easier for others to get in touch with you for an online survey.

With our agile and straightforward schedules, you can easily benefit from our high-performance platforms, our design template and our award-winning support at an attractive cost. Learn how these clients give their best on-line. No matter whether you present a product range, publish a blogs or run a company, our design template has proved to be the best way to present your idea on-line.

Squarespace has been selected by million of clients to create their web sites. Upload your domainname to Squarespace in a few simple moves.

Educational program - Squarespace Help

When you are a recent student or lecturer of a suitable language institute, you can get 50% discount on your first year on Squarespace. Prior to starting, make sure you fulfill our training programme requirements: Applicants must be a recent student or lecturer at an accelerated higher educational institution or higher educational institution. Must have a correct e-mail adress of the board.

No Squarespace domain is allowed. Up to three websites can be discounted using one e-mail account of the college. You must be one of our qualified colleges. This can be checked intep 1 of this manual. Rebate is not applicable in conjunction with other promotional code. Browse for your institution and choose it from the results.

If you are asked to register your bankroll, use your e-mail adress at the university. Perform steps 2 below to check your e-mail adress. For more information about Squarespace testing, please go to Start a Squarespace trial. Please click here. Please note: We provide this rebate to student and lecturer e-mail accounts of all accelerated schools and institutions.

When you don't see your institution in the results, you can ask it to do so. Click below the field on Where is my class? In order to get the rebate, please check your e-mail adress of the university. Once you have registered with a current e-mail account of the institution, you should have a confirmation e-mail in your mailbox.

And if you didn't get a confirmation e-mail, check that the e-mail in your affiliate isn't a correct e-mail from your education department. Alternatively, you can do the following to re-send the confirmation e-mail. And if you didn't register with your e-mail from your class, please convert your e-mail to your current e-mail from your class before continuing.

After updating your e-mail to your e-mail or if you didn't get it when you signed up, you can use your e-mail box to re-mail it. Move your mouse over your image or your letters in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard. Choose Accounts & Security. Then click Submit Review Again. And if you don't see the resubmit review, make sure the e-mail in your affiliate is your educational e-mail adress.

When you have made this modification, reload the page and the Verify icon should appear. Once you have received the confirmation e-mail, click Verify your e-mail below. Once you have verified your e-mail adress of the college, you will be asked to choose a schedule. You can find assistance in the selection of a schedule under Selection of the Right Squarespace Invoicing Schedule.

Make sure that the e-mail adress in your bank into which you are registered is associated with a suitable language institution. Make sure your e-mail addresses have privileges for website owners, administrators, or billers.

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