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Password protection for websites, PayPal and Stripe subscriptions. Cancellation of a website subscription - Squarespace Help Cancellation of your subscription is possible at any moment. You have two choices for terminating your subscription: Policy 1 - Unsubscribe and take your website immediately off-line. Policy 2 - Turn off automatic renewal and let your site run. These guidelines explain both choices and describe important pre-cancellation procedures.

Instead, to abort a test version, please complete our cancellation procedure for a test site. Possibly you have other current subscription such as Squarespace or G Suite. This subscription is different from that of your website. And if you don't want them anymore, you have to reverse them seperately. These also include domain names that you have moved to Squarespace.

Prior to terminating, we will notify you of your current subscription and inform you that you may terminate it. You will not, however, be cancelled unless you decide to do so. Before canceling, please read the following tips: Refunds will only be made if you unsubscribe from an online site annually within the first 14 calendar Days of the subscription.

After 30 workingdays from your cancellation your page contents will be flagged for cancellation. Prior to cancellation, you can choose to have your contents exported so you can upload them to a new website. It is not possible to move a site subscription from one site to another. When you terminate your site so that you can use another site in its place, the "replacement" site is still a stand-alone subscription.

A full refund will be granted on an automatic basis for yearly website subscription cancellations made within 14 business days of the first payout. For more information on reimbursements, see our Reimbursement Policy. Tip: If you don't recall when you made your purchase, you can check your subscription bills on the website. In order to suspend publishing or hiding your website for the time being, we recommend that you continue your subscription and set a site-wide pass instead of canceling your subscription.

If you choose this item, your subscription will be cancelled immediately and your website will be taken off-line. Click your site subscription under Subscriptions. That means website or trade, according to your schedule. To unsubscribe, click Cancel Subscription. That means website or shop, according to your plans. From the dropdown list, choose the unsubscribe term.

We would be happy to learn from your experiences with Squarespace. When you have added live subscription to your website, you will see a window for your other subscription (s) to check. This subscription will not be terminated periodically. They can be kept alive and managed via your website or they can be aborted later.

Check these subscription and then click Proceed. To unsubscribe, click Unsubscribe. Till you terminate your license for a specific Domain or G-Suite, your terminated Web site is a park page. Login to further manage your Squarespace domains or G Suite subscription. When you no longer wish to manage your subscription through Squarespace, you can terminate the G Suite, move your domains to another Squarespace site, or move your domains to another hosting.

Unless your site has extra chargeable Squarespace Domains or G Suite subscription, click Unsubscribe Site Subscription. Prerequisite for this is that your subscription expires at the end of your active subscription period. Click Website under Abonnements. For more information, see Automatic renewal of subscription. What should I do with my customized domainname if I unsubscribe from a site?

You have several possibilities for your Squarespace registration: Manage your domainname with Squarespace and keep it as a park site. Anytime you can return a page to your site. Relocate your top-level Domain to another Squarespace site. Assign your domainname to a new ISP.

If you have bought another site and linked it to your site, take it with you by removing the link and modifying the preferences in your provider's profile. For more information, see What to do with your domainname when you quit Squarespace? When I unsubscribe to a site, what happens to my subscription to my suite?

If you unsubscribe, your G-Suite subscription will not be terminated immediately. Should you terminate a Site subscription that has a G-Suite subscription, you will still be charged for the G-Suite through Squarespace. If you unsubscribe, you can still sign in to your website to administer your G-Suite balance through the email control panel. Once you unsubscribe, you will still be able to access your G-Suite balance through the email control panels.

In order to unsubscribe your subscription seperately, please go to unsubscribe your subscription. After I unsubscribe, will my site appear in results of SEOs? Once you unsubscribe, your site will not be further referenced because it is not open to the world. Please be aware that this will take a while and timings may differ depending on the individual ranking activities of each SEO.

After you unsubscribe, Squarespace has no power to remove your site from a site's results. When you switch your site to another vendor, a finder can index the new contents as soon as the site is up. Is Squarespace going to keep my website or save my contents if I come back?

If a subscription is terminated, is expiring, or your evaluation version is expiring, your website is inactive. Recently revoked websites or recently lapsed websites can be restored within 30 business day of revocation. For more information, see Delete your website and your contents. Keep your website up and running until the end of your subscription.

Your subscription expires at this time. For more information, see Automatic renewal of subscriptions. After I unsubscribe, can I re-activate my page? What is the different between canceling a subscription and removing a website? If you unsubscribe, your website will go off-line and your subscription payment will be stopped. As soon as your website is canceled, its contents will be flagged for final cancellation after 30 workdays.

Only a page that has already elapsed or been canceled can be deleted.

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