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Squarespace got into the Super Bowl with "Mysterious, Humble Guy" K. Those are the words to Will Powers' 1983 title "Adventures in Success", but here in 2018 it's performed by Keanu Reeves as he is standing on a bike driving down a dirt highway. It was Squarespace's Super Bowl ad. A Squarespace client since 2015, Reeves uses the site to create a website for its tailor-made Arch Motorrad family.

Similar to John Malkovich before him, Squarespace designed a marketing strategy that presented Reeves as a legit client and then used it as the basis for an extremely appealing, feel-good brand. Has Apple been losing momentum with the company's latest versions? Technologie-Kraftwerk has launched the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR as well as the Apple Watch 4series as part of its 2018 family.

However, are you still as enthusiastic about Apple proclamations as you used to be? Has Apple been losing momentum with the company's latest versions?

Square Space Super Bowl Ad is Keanu riding a motorcycle. Special: Great Bowl

Would you like to get the latest Super Bowl ad updates in your emailbox? Register here to subscribe to our redesigned Super Bowl Alerts emailletter. Keyanu Reeves is surfing on a motorbike in Squarespace's Super Bowl ad. Reeves, who uses Squarespace to hoster the website for his Arch Motocycle firm, did the trip himself, the firm says.

Is Squarespace's fifth Super Bowl commercial in a row. The firm's Super Bowl ad played with John Malkovich last year and tried to retrieve JohnMalkovich.com from a cybersquater. Whereas Squarespace was able to compete against web services rival like GoDaddy and Wix.com in the Super Bowl in previous years, the Super Bowl has so far been open.

Reeves Keanu surfs on a motorcycle in the Squarespace Super Bowl LII Spot - Squarespace

YORK, NY - January 31, 2018- Squarespace, the premier all-in-one web publisher, today announced the definitive creation for its fifth successive Super Bowl series. Spot showing Keanu Reeves, a Squarespace client and co-founder of Arch Motorscycle, who surfs on one of his own bicycles. During the ride on the motorbike, Reeves encouraged the audience to make the same metaphoric jump to indulge their passion and dream.

This 30-second commercial will run during the Big Games as part of a major Reeves marketing effort that will include two more movies designed to encourage audiences to take the first steps towards their own fervor by creating a website on Squarespace. It was six years ago that Reeves, together with his co-founder Gard Hollinger and the remainder of the Ark team, founded the American motorbike firm based on his love of motorbikes.

Squarespace was chosen by Arch to deliver its product to the global market because of the companies' joint commitment to high performance designs. Motivated by his involvement in the development of his bicycles, Mr Flynn also has a practical attitude to the management of the Arch Motorcycle website on Squarespace. Within the framework of the collaboration, Squarespace also worked with Arch Motorcycle to revise its website and give Arch an esthetic update with one of Squarespace's floor models, Camino.

In order to search all Squarespace template files and launch your website, please go to www.squarespace.com. Square Space manufactures attractive stunning creations that help make individuals successful with imaginative thinking. Squarespace's staff of more than 700 employees is based in New York City and has office in Dublin and Portland.

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