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Alert Setting - Square Help You can use the alert preferences to process your From and Answer email accounts and customize warehouse alert notifications. If you make sure that your alert e-mails are sent from the right email adress, you will keep in touch with your clients. On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Notifications. The Notifications area allows you to specify standard e-mail locations and inventory notifications.

It is the email that receives customers' responses to notifications. Please note: We strongly suggest that you change this email to your own. Otherwise the answers will be sent to no-reply@squarespace.info and you will not get them. It is the email adress from which alert e-mails are sent. Please note: We suggest that you leave this as no-reply@squarespace.info to avoid that your email notifications are incorrectly flagged as spamming.

When the inventory of an article has reached the amount adjusted by the slide control, an e-mail is sent. Clients will not get this email.

Get an order - Square help

These guidelines cover how to receive an order, mark it as met, and add an additional track number to an order. You can find help under Connecting Squarespace to ShipStation. Purchase orders for bodily goods can be flagged as completed, with the possibility to submit a fulfilment message with a trackingnumber. You can flag orders for services that have been completed with the possibility of sending a completion message.

Purchase orders for either electronic goods or gifts are processed fully automated. When you are an Admin or Store Manager, you will get an email alert informing you that you have a new order. Contains the alert email: Customers see the same information in their order confirmation e-mail, which serves as a voucher.

Orders board shows all outstanding, executed and cancelled orders, with the latest orders at the top of the board with the following information: They can also browse an order by their order number, email or name. SummaryView the invoicing location, delivery location, order invoicing detail, submission of customized forms, and a shortcut to display the fee in Stripe.

E-mail notificationsRepeat e-mail alerts. If you are willing to dispatch a manual purchase order, or if you have closed a manual purchase order, click Select Filled. Keep the option send order filled notification enabled to mail the order filled to the client. The email will be sent immediately after you click Confirm. Tip: If you don't want to email filled orders, clear this check every single times you place an order.

In order for you and your clients to be able to trace parcels on-line, you can insert a number in the field Trackingnumber. If it is a default airline, the dropdown list of carriers is updated with the airline number. These are our default support options: When your carriers are not included, choose Other from the Carriers drop-down list, then type a user-defined carriers.

When the order contains more than one parcel, please provide a different trackingnumber for each parcel. Trackingnumber is contained in the order processing notifications. Provided the number is assigned to a default airline (Australia Post, Canada Post, DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS), it is a direct marketing tool. If you click on the number, the tracker page of the transporter will be opened.

When assigned to a user-defined shipper, the tracing number appears in the Order Fulfillment notice and in the Order Summary, but is not selectable. From the dropdown list, click Completed Jobs. You can open the order overview again by double-clicking the order if you flag an order as accidentally executed.

Mark the Mark button to return it to Mark button and click Mark button to return it to Mark button. As a result, the e-mail alert will no longer be sent. Click the Email Notifications tabs in the order summary to get in touch with the client.

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