Squarespace Team page

Team Squarespace Page

Where do I build a team page? I am trying to get a listing of all the presenters for our meeting and would like to put their pictures on the right and a text on the right. It is possible to make such an appearance using screen pads on the right and a corresponding text pad on the right.

More information on how to move the adjacent block(s) can be found in this guide:

Create an employee organic page

It was really simple for me to do such things by having a blogsite that is "hidden" by not including it in the top level menu. Basically, I use the blogs as a data base to record all my staff members and their biographies. Then in the blogs I put tag and category so I can rig how the bio looks like.

Also I have a complete biography and in the option with the abstract I can add a two-line abstract of your biography. Next, I built a visual page and used various structural blocs, such as abstract blocs or tags, to organise the staff.

Using the summaries on many different pages, I compile the staff with the areas in which they are part of. Could use multiple summarizing blocs side-by-side to create a grids effect with people assigned by categories or tags.... I have the benefit of embedding employee information in all types of different pages and only need to update the page that is covert.

So that the staff appear in different priority, I have developed a date encoding system for the blogs. I' ve also added some style sheets to make the data of the blogs hidden. With this technology you have great versatility in displaying people. Not only does it require a little more work in advance, it also means you don't have to move the forward side later.

By adding an associate, you simply attach it to the secret blogs and it appears magic where you need it.

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